“Astaroth! Explain every detail of the Undying Dragon to me!” Anger was palpable in Samael’s voice.

        Samael was one of the first Demons living in the realm of Humans. Her status was higher than all other Pioneers; even Astaroth, the Duke of Hell, had to hold down his arrogance in front of her. Astaroth’s recent unpermitted creation of the Undying Dragon resulted in an acceptable effect, but it also demonstrated his lack of obedience. Therefore, Samael thought there was a need to remediate his behavior.

        “Venerable Samael, I did it for the benefit of our clan.” Not even the slightest shred of regret was in Astaroth’s sentence; those were mere emotionless words of politeness. But if it was not Samael, he would probably have saved the time to even speak those words.

        Nevertheless, Samael knew to a certain extent of what Astaroth wanted to do, so she did not actually blame him. She wished to know about the Undying Dragon; if they could create another one, Demons would have even greater power!

        Yet, Astaroth digressed from her order, not willing to reveal the secret of how he had brought the Undying Dragon to “life”. Samael began to lose her patience. She started to torture him, trying to get him to talk, but all he said was “use a dragon’s body”. Samael understood Astaroth’s stubbornness — the words just now were all he would reveal. Even if she torture him to death, nothing further could be dug out from him.

        In her vast memory, Samael vaguely remembered a place where the last dragons died. The dragons were overwhelmingly powerful. They had won only because the first grand marshal of Demons, Belial, was there to lead the army. The dragon bodies had all turned into mere skeletons, but it was still worth experimenting. Wielding her power, Samael surfaced a few skeletons that were still intact. If it was not because of the gigantic sizes of the dragons, she would have dug out every one of them from the ground. Though hidden underground for years, part of their power still remained on their skeletons. Samael channeled her demonic power into the skeletons, attempting to fuse the dragon’s power with hers. As Samael channeled more power into the skeletons, they gradually assembled into their original shapes. The long-deceased dragons once again stood on this piece of land, in an utterly different form.

        Samael could not wait to test the power of her creation, and ordered the bone dragons to advance towards the nearest Human village. The dragons barged into houses, and claimed lives of numerous shocked villagers. Their blood-covered sharp teeth were reflecting rays of red light; regardless of the broken chunks of bodies hanging on their teeth, the dragons continued their swift and merciless slaughter. It was as if the village was plagued by locusts: the dragon-shaped bones bit and tore every creature in the village — Humans, dogs, livestock — all died between the lethal teeth.

        “Good. A small number of them can already ‘clean up’ a village in such a short time. Not bad.” Samael coldly drew a conclusion to her experiment. She returned to the Demons’ dominion with the bone dragons, preparing for the war that was about to arrive.

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