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        “...The metal tree has been destroyed, but the soulstone was not awakened yet…” Phi, a feminine type of Machina, got up weakly. She was shocked by the charred metal tree in front of her. “Epsilon, what should we do now,” she asked nervously as she held Epsilon’s arm, who was a masculine type of Machina.
        He remained silent, staring at the irregular stone on his hand, which was an valuable soulstone. Iridescent colours were sparkling on the surface; only a small part at the corner was pale white.
        “What had happened?” Phi tried to recall some memories.
        Under the instruction of Pompeii, the very first prototype of Machina, Epsilon and she carried the soulstone to the mech room and managed to awaken it by filling elemental power. When it was almost full, they were attacked by Earthlings, and the soulstone was taken.
        Although Phi got it back later, the metal tree used to fill the power was ruined unfortunately. Therefore, the soulstone was still dormant.
        Feeling hopeless, Phi was at a complete loss what to do next. All of a sudden, Epsilon pulled the flashing kinetic core out of his chest forcibly, and placed it next to the soulstone.
        “Epsilon!! What...what are you doing!” Phi grabbed his hand to stop him immediately.
        “Injecting my power. Don’t you see it’s almost filled? My core can do it.”
        “You would perish if your energy used up!”
        The kinetic core not only contained abundant elemental power, it was also the source of their “life”. Machinas were bound to replenish their energy from time to time. Once it used up, they would lose the mobility, falling into everlasting dormancy.
        “Right, but I have to.”
        “No, I’ll do it——.”
        “You can’t. The core capacity on your chest was way lower than mine. Please, hand the soulstone to Pompeii for me.”
        Epsilon smiled at Phi, who could sense his unshakable awareness and determination. He shook off her hand and put his core on the soulstone, which gave out glaring, iridescent colours. Soon, it turned into dust and flew into the stone.
        The pale-white surface was gradually filled with the colorful lights. On the contrary, Epsilon’s kinetic core started fading; his body became stark; and eyelids became heavy. When he was about to pass out, Phi helped him up right away.
        “Alpha, if you were here, you must have ways to save us, right? That’s why I…” Phi was missing him at this desperate moment. However, the reality was cruel. She was helpless to Epsilon’s sacrifice…
        “I...succeeded...So...tired…” He handed the awakened, glowing soulstone to Phi afterwards.
        “I’m counting on you…”
        “No...No, I can’t do this alone…” Phi’s eyes were watery. She wailed like a spoiled child, but no matter what she did, the truth could no be altered.
        “Yes you girl. Just let me take a nap…”
        “But I——”
        “Don’t worry. We’ll meet each other later…” Epsilon touched her face. “Okay...I’ll give it to Pompeii, promise!” Phi whimpered.
        “Thank you…” Epsilon’s hand fell off from her face as his kinetic core became dim.
        After settling him in a corner, Phi walked out of the mech room with the soulstone and ran in the hallway. Tears welled up in her eyes, mourning over Epsilon’s sacrifice.
        Suddenly, the lights were out. Few seconds later, the emergency red lights kept flashing. The intruders seemed to destroy the lighting system, putting the entire city in great danger. This place, her home, was not as safe as it was anymore.
        Then, quick footsteps were approaching in front of her.
        “She’s the target! Let’s bring her to the Eldus and get the credit!” A bunch of Earthlings let out a yell of excitement. Phi glared at them in anger.
        “Epsilon and the others wouldn’t have ended up like this if it wasn’t because of you!” Filled with hatred, Phi conjured an emerald mechanical shield and sprinted towards them right away.
        Thermal beams were unleashed from the shield, shooting those Earthlings who stood in the way. In the blink of an eye, they were all down. Battle did not bring any happiness to Phi, but haunting sorrows.
        She remained armed and alert, dispelling any enemies blocking her way. Before long, she arrived at the “Pilgrimage”. Holding the soulstone high, Phi shouted, “Pompeii! We’ve awakened——Ah!!”
        Suddenly, a purple blade caught her unprepared, preciously piercing through her kinetic core. She turned around slowly, and saw the betrayer Schnauzer.
        She came up to Phi and took away the soulstone. Phi was powerless to reclaim it anymore; losing her mobility, she fell down as her vision became blurry. The consciousness started fading away...