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        Boyciana arduously limped across the forest using her long spear as a cane. She stumbled along, and despite being covered with mud and dirt, she was still moving as fast as she could. She was praying for help in her mind, muttering spells taught by the old Druid under her breath. To her surprise, those words of power, which had never worked for her before, was fully effective today. It gradually imbued some sort of power into her legs, allowing her run ceaselessly towards the old Druid’s cabin.

        ‘Hold on, everyone!’

         Before today, Boyciana had never been so anxious to reach to the Druid’s cabin. In the past, she went there every time just because her mother had pressured her to receive natural remedies, which was completely ineffective.

        Boyciana was born a vibrant girl in a hunting tribe; yet, she had been seized by a sudden illness which had nearly taken her life. Her mother claimed that Boyciana survived only because of the Druid’s help. But since then, she had been experiencing numbness in her legs, and their weakness limited her ability to walk properly. Boyciana blamed this on the Druid’s rudimentary curing methods; she believed that if she could receive treatment in the city, she would be fully cured. Boyciana’s handicap had embittered her, and thus she was eager leave for the city. She detested everything of the tribe and felt reluctant to continue trying those useless remedies at the Druid.

        Later, troops from a Human kingdom arrived at the tribe, and declared that they are annexing the land to establish defenses against Demons. Ignoring her mother’s opposition, Boyciana went to the soldiers’ camp alone in the hope that their medic could cure her legs. Although she was originally doubtful that they would help, the officers actually invited her into the camp after he heard her appeal. Limping along with the cane, Boyciana followed the soldiers inside the tent. A female medic asked her to sit so she could check on her legs. Waiting for diagnosis inside this desolate tent, Boyciana trembled anxiously. In silence, the medic stepped aside, informing her of the sad news — there was no cure.

        The answer instantly stunned Boyciana. Before she could recover, she was already being driven back into the forest. Wandering alone through the woods, Boyciana sobbed quietly to herself until dusk. Suddenly, a commotion emanated from the direction of the tribe. Military officers riding on horses was leading column after column of soldiers towards the tribe. Boyciana hastily made her way back, and saw the tribespeople fighting hand-to-hand against the armed soldiers.

        “No! Stop!”

        Boyciana rushed into the battlefield, her own safety thoroughly disregarded, and was immediately slammed onto the ground by a soldier. He raised his sword, but before he could slash her, he was stabbed through by a tribesman with his spear. The tribesman turned to Boyciana and shouted, “Go get the Drui—” He was killed by another soldier before he could finish his sentence. The soldier threw a glance at her, and turned away to look for other targets. Boyciana picked up the long spear to use as a cane, and limped away in fear.

        ‘Hold on, everyone!’ Boyciana, covered in mud, was muttering spells, asking for strength from the power of nature so that she could go further. She sincerely hoped to safeguard her homeland, for her feeling of hatred towards the tribe had dissipated. After much hardship, she arrived at the Druid’s cabin. The old Druid was drawing a magic circle on the ground.

        “Kid! Take this for me!” As the old Druid was drawing the magic circle, she explained: when Boyciana had gone to the soldiers’ camp, the troops had invaded the tribe and forced the people to leave their homeland, declaring that they will level the whole village... Now, with her magic spell, the old Druid was summoning all the animals of the forest to assist the tribe . She asked Boyciana to put on the feathered headdress made from the mystical stork hanging on the wall, saying that the stork would grant them power...