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        “From this day onward, this forest is my life!”

        Boyciana lost all her powers. After she saw a deer and rabbits sacrifice themselves to protect their offspring, she realized that her parents had also saved her out of their parental instincts. After understanding this concept, Boyciana regained her powers. Her arms transformed into wings, spraying dew onto the forest, putting out the fire. She successfully saved the tribe.

        However, the fire was soon reignited by the invading Human Kingdom. The other night, the Human kingdom sent someone to set fire to the forest again. Fortunately, Boyciana was sitting on a tree, guarding the forest. She saw the fire and put it out in time, but the Human kingdom did not plan to retreat. The Humans cut down trees during the day and burned the logs at night. The enemy was too strong and Boyciana was exhausted. In the end, Boyciana held one of the human generals hostage and initiated a negotiation.

        “Humans should live peacefully with mother nature. Destroying the forest will incur nature’s resentment!” Boyciana firmly held the rope that tightened its grip of the general and shouted in front of the Human kingdom: “If you continue to harm nature,” She pulled the rope so tightly that the general almost felt to the ground, “I will have no mercy on his man!”

        However, the soldier guarding the Human Kingdom’s door took no notice of her. After a while, a man came forward and yelled to Boyciana: “Give us the man and everything will sort out by itself.”

        The gate opened. Boyciana took the hostage and set foot into the city. While all the other soldiers despised her, the chief soldier kindly smiled at her. After receiving the hostage, the chief soldier discussed a variety of topics with Boyciana, ranging from land distribution to farmland re-division. The conversation was unexpectedly relaxing and joyful. Boyciana was impressed with how much the chief soldier knew about nature. After their conversation, Boyciana returned to her tribe and shared the good news with her race.

        Suddenly, at night, a big fire engulfed the woods. Turns out it was another fire started by the Humans.

        “Stork, what else can I do?” She took off her feathered headdress, feeling helpless. With all the power she had left, she put out the fire, but there was nothing else she could do. “Should I fight back?”

        She looked up at the sky. Suddenly, She felt warmth from her feathered headdress in her hands. A long-missing chirp echoed in her ears.

        “Using life to affect others?” Boyciana carefully listened to the stork’s words. She wanted to hear more, but the stork said nothing else.

        Boyciana already had a plan in mind. She picked up a half-burnt stick and flew towards the Human kingdom…

        “We’re surrounded by fire and we can’t put it out!” The soldier reported. The chief soldier was also helpless. He could only order the other soldiers to use more water in hopes to put out the fire. After a while, another soldier reported: “We’ve found some strange symbols on our land!”

        “Strange symbols?” Before the chief soldier could finish his sentence, a wooden tower nearby was burnt down. The fire, as if with a conscious of its own, gradually extended to the inner city. “Could it be...”

        A huge bird was hovering and shouting in the sky.

        “You are Boyciana, aren’t you?” The chief soldier put on a fake smile.

        Boyciana made no response.

        “Did you start the fire, Boyciana? But you said destroying the forest would incur nature’s resentment!” The chief soldier tried his best to make his voice sound calm.

        Boyciana still made no response. With a powerful roar, the fire spread faster.

        The chief soldier finally showed his true colors and shouted: “What do you want!?”

        Finally, Boyciana folded her wings and stood on the highest city wall, exclaiming: “This is the price you pay for burning lives! Every day and night, my tribe and the forest were trapped in the fire you started. All the pain you suffer cannot compare to nature’s endless suffering.” She continued: “Anything else you want to say?”

        The fire extended to the inner city. All the citizens retreated to the city center. Realizing that they might have to abandon the city, the chief soldier cowardly said: “Alright...I swear I will never hurt the forest again. Please put out the fire.”

        Boyciana made no response. She flew back up to the sky and sprayed dew with her wings. The fire was then replaced by green grass and plants that covered the Human kingdom.

        “Humans, learn to peacefully coexist with nature.” Boyciana flew away. She realized it wasn’t easy to learn about different lives. She needed to put in more effort when guarding the forest as well as protecting life itself...