Deep in the forest, a man named Brahma was walking on burning charcoals barefoot. Every step he walked gave off a scorching smell of his feet. Those charcoals were covered with blood footmarks. Dripping with sweat, Brahma looked pale, but he still endured the pain and kept on this ascetic practice with a smile.

        After a while, someone was approaching him. Brahma looked up and saw a young boy in his 10s. The nose of the boy was like elephant’s trunk, long and curvy. His mouth was masked with a cloth. “Father, it has been 30 days. Have you opened up “heart chakra” yet,” the boy asked eagerly.

        Brahma responded with a smile. “So 30 days already...It’s ashamed that I still can’t get any progress.”

        “The heart chakra is about love and kindness, which are born in nature. It’s not to understand with your mind, but heart. You can’t feel it because you’re searching for it in your brain. Close your mind. Connect it with your heart.” Guru Indra’s words echoed in his head. Brahma touched his chest, but he still had no clue about it.

        He talked to the boy, “ascetic practice can’t stop my mind from working...Let’s set out tomorrow. We go somewhere else.”

        Brahma used to be Indra’s disciple in Rahmin, but he had been unable to understand the heart chakra, so he left and stepped on a journey to find his way. During which, he saved the boy Ganesha, who was born with a trunk. Ganesha treated Brahma like his father and Brahma could feel this affection.

        “Maybe he is conducive to the opening of the heart chakra.” Due to this reason, he continued practicing with Ganesha.

        Before they left the woods, Brahma sat crosslegged and calmed his body. Then, sparkling iridescent colors of light were given off; his body turned transparent and meridians became visible. Six colors of prana were flowing to different parts of the body, head, center of the eyebrows, throat, etc. However, there was a part that the prana had bypassed, which was his heart.

        Driven by the power of chakra, Brahma’s emaciated body became muscular; the wounds on his feet began to recover. When they were about to rest in a village, they saw villagers gather around in front of three pillars.

        “...Someone was tied to the pillar…” There were three people with chapped skins being hung to each of the pillar. Firewoods were placed underneath their feet. They were trying to burn them alive.

        “Father! Let’s go save them!” Ganesha pulled Brahma’s hem.

        “I need to save them. That’s the way to show love and kindness.” This thought popped out in Brahma’s mind. As he chanted an om, his leg muscles started bulging up immediately.

        Ganesha rolled his trunk up Brahma’s waist. Then, Brahma took a leap over the villagers and landed in the center of the crowd.

        “Ganesha, save the two on the right.” Brahma sprinted towards the left side and saved one with speed before the villagers could react.

        “How dare you save these cursed people,” the chief shouted angrily.

        “Cursed?” Brahma asked with a smile.
        “Don’t you see their chapped skins? This is the punishment for disrespecting the god. In order to soothe its fury, they must be burnt!”
        “It’s not a curse. I can heal them,” Brahma explained kindly. However, the villagers did not believe his words, and their stares became malevolent.

        “Chief, this man is evil. We can’t let him go!”
        “Right, just look at his child...That weird trunk...must be the god’s punishment also!”
        “Kill them all!”

        The villagers started coming over, but Brahma had no fear at all. Instead, he was attracted by the “darkness” found inside them. It reminded him of the past that he also saw the “darkness” in his body, which made him connect to his heart.

        “This power...perhaps it can help me open up the heart chakra.” Brahma was almost hit by a hoe as his mind was too occupied. Fortunately, Ganesha pulled him back in the nick of time.

        “Father, it’s dangerous here. Let’s go,” he spoke.

        Looking at the ferocious villagers, Brahma said with a smile. “Right, let’s bring these three villagers to leave.”

        He used the power of chakra to strengthen his physique and escaped from the village with Ganesha. Soon, they came to a hidden place in the mountain.

        The faint villagers woke up, but felt puzzled over their situation. “Don’t worry, you’re fine,” said Brahma.

        The three rescued villagers did not feel relax, instead they glared at him. “Why did you save us? Sooner or later we’ll die of spontaneous combustion. We can’t take this torture anymore. Just let us die quickly!”

        One of the villagers even threw a stone at Brahma to vent his anger. At this moment, Brahma was surprised to see a shred of darkness came out of that villager’s body. However, it vanished into thin air in a second.

        “Whenever they get angry, the darkness will appear...If I get to know more about these people, maybe I’ll understand the what it means.”

        Later on, Brahma successfully healed the chapped symptoms of the three villagers with chakra. Then, they went back to the village and everyone was shocked. All the villagers were giving their warm welcome to Brahma, and called him master…

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