“Ahh——!” A scream of terror brought Edison’s consciousness back to reality. He opened his eyes, looking at both left and right on tenterhooks. After familiarizing himself with the environment, the unsettling emotion wore off a little. Edison touched his chest to soothe his fast-beating heart.

        “Right, I’ve already left there. I’m stronger than the old me…” Edison switched back to his usual cocky look, got up and searched for the source of the scream.

        The room was full of water, except the round-shaped metal floor in the center. Looking down from above, it resembled a scene of an isolated island surrounding by the ocean. On the edge of the floor, a lady was pulling her long dress desperately. Something was biting her hem in the water——

        “A crocodile. Looks like it’s not a nice type. I guess that’s why we’re thrown into this place without disarming us…”

        “Got myself underestimated huh,” he sneered.

        A silver dagger was spinning between his fingers. At this moment, the lady could not hold the attack anymore. She was about to be dragged into the water——


        “Roar——” Edison threw the dagger right into its eye. The crocodile, which gave out a deafening scream of pain, let go of the lady at once.

        The lady turned around to run away, but the long dress had hindered her speed. Soon the crocodile got back on its feet, trying to pounce on her with a bite despite its bleeding right eye. However, the attack was a miss——Someone took the hit!

        “Tut! You stubborn animal should have crawled back to your nest.” Edison’s dual daggers clanged while he was blocking its huge mouth; The wild strength of the crocodile made him shaking during the wrestle.

        “This indigo crocodile only perches in the deep sea, bloodthirsty and aggressive. It won’t give up until the prey is bitten to death,” lady Marie said quietly.

        “Haha, thank you for the explanation.” He narrowed his eyes and continued, “so it’s not gonna let us go unless we kill it.”

        With Edison’s mind focused, speckles of light appeared and gathered around his daggers. A second later, it turned into a dazzling beam attacking the crocodile directly.

        “Roar——” Shouting in pain, the crocodile was electrified by the light element and burnt black.

        “Hmm, the meat looks yummy.”

        “...And the aroma attracts even more crocodiles…”

        Attracted by blood and smell, other crocodiles in the pool swam to the surface and started cannibalizing. Edison and Marie stepped back, waiting for them to fill their stomach and go back into water.

        “They’re more than I expected. I guess the person who abducted us here must be an animal lover.”

        “Stop joking. Let’s find a way to get out of here,” Marie denounced with a frown.

        “Hey I’m thinking. So, relax and have a candy.” Edison gave it to Marie, but her long face was still there.

        As Marie was ungrateful to his kindness, Edison unwrapped and savoured the candy. Looking around the room, he saw a big glass bottle hanging above. The bottle was connected with plenty of circuits and complicated devices to a control panel in the center.

        “This elemental compression converter, which can convert elements into current…” Edison threw another candy into his mouth. Blood carried the sweetness into his brain, filling up the sugar that had been used up. Suddenly, a flicker of an idea flashed in his mind. “I got it,” Edison snapped his fingers with a smile.

        “You did? Oh’s not gonna work! The energy inside that bottle surely can electrocute all the crocodiles, and us too!” Marie could calculate the current component within a blink. So she rejected Edison’s idea bluntly. But the situation had changed.

        “Why the crocodiles are coming over again?” she asked.

        “Their noses are sensitive.” Edison looked at his sleeve tainted with blood; His wound resulted from the crocodile’s teeth during the fight. Although it was just a flesh wound, just a little trace of blood was enough to draw their attention.

        “Hey! Why do you put your hands on my waist! Stop——” Suddenly hugged by Edison, she was startled by her seriousness when she was trying to push him away.

        “Hold tight if you don’t wanna die.” Edison pulled down the lever on the control panel, at the same time, pointed his dagger at the ceiling.


        As the glass bottle hanging from the ceiling cracked, the compressed current went straight down towards both of them. Miraculously, when it touched the tip of the dagger, it split into both sides striking the crocodiles surrounding them.

        At this moment, their painful screams echoed; flesh and viscera were burnt completely with intense aroma pervading the room. Marie, who could not bear this miserable scene, turned away. Luckily, the suffering ended quickly.

        As the current was gone, a passage to the exit appeared.

        Marie pushed Edison away again. This time, he just let her go.

        “You...what kind if magic was it? Why didn’t the lightning hit us,” she glanced at the crocodile bodies in a trance.

        “Magic...Haha, there is no magic in this world. Everything happens for a reason.” Edison played with his dagger and continued, “It’s the principle of lightning rod. The dagger was injected with elemental power, creating electric charges. Eventually, they’re conducted to the ground.”

        “You…” Marie’s eyes were full of complex moods. She took a deep breath to soothe her pounding heart, returning to her usual calmness.

        Slightly pulling up her hem, Marie expressed her gratitude gracefully. “Thank you for saving me. It may be a bit late, but please let me introduce myself. I’m Marie Curie, bronze scientist of Lomond Manor,” she said gently.

        “I know you. The genius invited by Lomond Manor at a tender age.” He kept playing the dagger. “Right, how are you going to repay me?”

        “Huh?” Shocked by his brazen attitude, her face had shown a flicker of unpleasantness. “...What do you want?”

        “It’s simple. Kiss me.” Edison pointed at his cheek with a teasing smile. “I won’t make you feel awkward. Just kiss my cheek.”

        “You——” Speechless with his rascal, Marie restrained her temper because she did owe him a debt, but walked directly to the exit.

        “Hey, I’m just joking okay? You can’t be serious.” Edison, looking at her back, stretched his head and whispered, “ugh, what a stubborn lady...Whatever. I better catch her up, or I’ll be regretful if anything happens to a beauty like her.”

        Edison chased her to somewhere like a library but accidentally triggered a mechanism. As he pounced on her to avoid the danger, it resulted in a misunderstanding...

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