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        Lying on a ruined carriage in the fire, Valkyrie saw a sword cutting through the flames as a warrior approached, his armor badly burnt. He stepped over the corpses and walked towards Valkyrie. She tried hard to suppress her agitation while shoring up herself in pain.

        “You idiot! Don’t you know it’s a trap?” In the smoke, she berated.

        “We all do, servant of Valhalla. Therefore none of the troops is willing to come but me.”

        “There is no way a man injured like you can get me out of here!”

        “It is difficult, therefore I came with blessings.”

        The warrior carried Valkyrie in his arms. She had already lost all her strength to resist. He ran past the fiery wall and the warmth eventually relaxed Valkyrie. Before falling asleep, she said, “I’ve never heard of any kind of blessings that could free one from pain.”

        “Indeed, there isn’t.”

        She fell asleep with her mind put at ease. She swore that she would love him forever, as long as he was honest and willing to sacrifice, and as long as his blade remained as sharp as his courage.

        The Northern Kingdoms had been threatened by the Demons. The father of Princess Brynhildr could hardly fight back, he could only forfeit his land and join Odin’s alliance. The little princess, who had lost her homeland, was then raised as a servant in Valhalla. She inherited the preference for strength of the North and asked for the spirits’ guidance of her own will. After she grew, she received from Odin the name of Valkyrie and the power to guide souls. She had to pick heroes on battlefields and lead their souls into the Hall.

        Later, she came across a hero of the North. They partnered on the battlefields and got engaged. Her betrothed, however, always had different ideas from Odin when it came to the strategy combating the Demons — neither he nor any of his people joined Odin’s army. In a battle, Odin broke the hero’s sword by throwing a spear from afar. He was forced to fight with the broken sword and eventually lost his life on the battlefield. When the news of his death reached Brynhildr, it was too late for her to look for his soul. She kept his broken sword with her, along with the grudge against Odin, yet she could not blame him anyhow. All she could do was giving vent to her anger by rampaging among various wars, in an attempt to perish on the battlefield like her betrothed did.

        Odin then gave her even more power. “For your justice and your disbelief on me, I entrust all of you with the task.” Odin requested the Valkyries, “When I am lost in the power, you must stop me with your blades.” From the day she was given the mission, Brynhildr’s smile returned to her face. Valkyries, the takers of souls, kept on searching for souls of the brave. When the horn was blown and the souls lost their way in power, Valkyries would wield their blades and put an end to the heroic spirits’ lives.