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        The realm was once embraced by the power of the Elder Gods. At the time some creatures were enlightened by the elements and started practicing asceticism under their accompany. The Celestial Divinity guided them and brought the talented ascetics with him. Those left behind practiced on their own and opened their eyes to different ways of asceticism. Among all creatures there were beasts, which became Xian if they cultivated their hearts while became Demons if indulged themselves in debauchery. Men, Xian and Demons in the secular world engaged in wars and it was impossible to distinguish the right from the wrong. To prevent the pneuma from being plundered by Demons, the Xian secretly created beasts to preserve their pneuma. Yet they failed to notice that the Demons were good at spying and had known about the existence of the beasts, leading to a series of tragedies.

        Bull King was a Xian’s pet. After its master’s death in a battle, it put on his helmet and armor, and set off for the murderer of its master. The Xian and Demon attacked it, in attempt to take its pneuma, yet they lost their lives and pneuma to the bull instead. As disputes between elves and beasts developed, the bull gradually forgot its hatred. It killed them for their pneuma to survive. Its pneuma grew as time passed, that its soul was attached by elements. At last, its intelligence as a spiritual beast began to germinate.

        One day, the bull visited a forest to seize the pneuma there. Suddenly, the forest was inundated by heavy floods and all animals bolted. The bull guarded the forest with its pneuma, protecting the lives of all animals. All members of the forest then revered the bull as their lord. Since then, the bull occupied the forest as the overlord. Less than a hundred years since his hegemony, a monkey came to his land. Bull King confronted the monkey, yet the winner could not be determined after days. They began to appreciate one another for their strength. Bull King asked the monkey the reason he visited the forest and found out that the monkey departed for the Heavenly Kingdom, looking for the source of a particular flood. As he heard the adventures of the monkey, he was surprised to find how splendid the realm was. Bull King then volunteered to accompany the monkey on its journey and that was when his name began to spread...