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        The celestial generals were busy with the chaos occurring in the middle of the realm, which hindered them from taking care of the boundaries. All spiritual spots were then occupied by the elves and later established themselves as kings. Among all the potentates, Bull King was the most powerful that all elves regarded him as their chief. In the past, Bull King journeyed with a monkey and had devoted himself into asceticism. Later the monkey set out to the Heavenly Kingdom to seek enlightenment; Bull King stayed in the secular world and continued to practice asceticism with the other elves.

        Finally, Bull King became the potentate in his territory. He married Rakshasa, while having a fox as his mistress. He was friends with countless elves. However, despite his efforts for centuries to practice asceticism, exert himself in alkahestry and learn the way men behaved, Bull King was unable to turn himself into a man, though he had already mastered the technique of transformation and could turn into any other thing he wanted. To maintain his authority, he wore a helmet to hide his half-humanized face, yet Rakshasa gradually grew suspicious. The place of his mistress then became his shelter, yet the fox also started to suspect his identity later, and this slowly developed into a vicious cycle.

        Until one day, Bull King passed by a battlefield in the human world. When he saw a corpse rotten in an armor, he suddenly recalled the past when he was still a cow protecting his master while practicing asceticism. Yet those were the days of more than a thousand years ago and he could no longer recall the face of his master. He could only remember that his master was a soldier who fled to the forest in fright of wars, and started to practice asceticism after a coincidental encounter with a Xian...

        ‘Am I perplexed because I have forgotten who my master was?’

        Since then, gourmet food appeared attractive to Bull King no more. In remembrance of his master, he roamed the realm of men. He eventually recollected the life of his master, who was an indolence man. He shared his pneuma with his cow, so that it would not grow to the extent which would draw the attention of neither Xian nor elves. His unintentional decision was the base of all achievements of Bull King. He cried out of happiness, for he finally found out that he was not imitating his master; his desires originated in his nature. From the day he reached the conclusion, he gave his desires free rein. He cared not about his appearance and ruled the elves with blood and iron, calling himself the Great Sage.