Iquitos opened his eyes and barely managed to sat up straight. He found his waist and limbs wrapped in bandages. Looking around, he could not recognize the place. He walked out of the house in confusion and found the streets filled with humans. Iquitos’s red body attracted the villagers’ attention. They stopped and eyed this “frog” on two feet.
        Human voices resounded in Iquitos’s head. He shook his head and slapped his cheeks. The voices only got louder and louder. There were accusation, mockery and fear. The more he tried to ignore them, the louder they became. His energy circulation began to waver. He felt his emotions building up to the point of bursting. He crashed around as his rampaging emotions went out of control. ‘Ugh!’ The atmosphere around him became burning-hot and sparked a fire!
        As Iquitos was losing his consciousness, a golden figure ran to him and said, ‘Iquitos! What’s happening to you? Pull yourself together!’ Pluma’s voice brought him back and the flames faded to nothing. ‘So this is the effect of the Dementing Genes? Ha…’ Iquitos whispered to himself, but Pluma did not understand what he meant. Iquitos knew the Dementing Genes would jeopardise world. He decided to leave Pluma and depart from the village in search of a method to suppress the Dementing Genes.
        To minimize the harm from the Dementing Genes, Iquitos wandered around and avoided getting close to people. One day, when he was fishing at the lake in the jungle, the hook caught a frog that was much tinier than him. 'Hey, what are you doing here, little fella?’ He smiled and carefully unhitched the hook. The frog croaked to thank him and lived with Iquitos ever since then.
        The frog changed Iquitos’s life. He used to only look after himself. Now he had to scavenge food for his tiny friend. Sometimes it stood on his palm, making it look even tinier in comparison, so tiny that Iquitos could not imagine how it would survive without him.
        When Iquitos was traveling through a forest, he triggered a trap set by the elves and a wooden cage descended upon him! He wanted to break through the cage, but all of the bars had spikes installed. The slightest movement could get him injured...Queer laughter came out of the forest. Dozens of elves walked out of the woods and danced to celebrate.
        Right at that moment, the little frog jumped out of the grass. He was too small for bare eyes to see and the elves’ attention was on Iquitos. No one noticed this frog jumping onto the cage. It threw its tongue into the keyhole and released the lock. Iquitos escaped from the cage as the elves surrounded him. There was no way out but to break through the circle with force.
        ’Stay still.’ Iquitos put the frog into his pocket and engaged the elves in combat. He created a few fire elemental bombs and launched them at the elves, forcing them to spread out to dodge the explosion. Iquitos sprinted through the explosion fearlessly and entered the forest using the dust as cover. The elves lost track of him...
        Iquitos stopped at a safe place and took out the frog. He crouched down and stared at him. ‘Thanks for your help. You’re stronger than I expected!’ ‘Ribbit, ribbit.’ ‘Maybe we were destined to meet each other.’ At first Iquitos treated the frog as a burden. It was tiny and dumb. He thought it was a trivial creature that required a helping hand. In the end he was the one who got taken care of. It made him realize the laws of nature. Every living thing is equal. No one but Nature had the power to change destiny.
        The Dementing Genes were born from Nature as well. The infected’s self-centred minds made them vulnerable to its influence. Iquitos decided to return to the tribe and tell everyone about his new findings. However, when he got back, all he saw were countless demon soldiers and the struggling Basti, Felix and Pluma. They were defending the Ancestral Elements...

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