At first, people thought that the noise came from the ruin of from the ruins of Cassilda. The antiquated obelisks were cracked, but there was a weak but chilling green light emerging from the within, giving everyone the shivers. The outsiders always traveled to the city through the track next to the ruins instead of the main road for the sake of convenience. These outsiders appeared normal at first, but after a while, they would open their mouth uncontrollably as if they were screaming, but there was no voice coming out.

        The citizens would only see it as a joke and curiously asked them why they were they opening their mouth all of a sudden amid the conversation and pretended that they were scared. The outsiders would all reply that they had heard a terrifying roar, so they could not help but open their mouth to pretend they were making the noise to overcome the fear.

        The noise spread in the city like a pandemic, but no one could be sure about what they had heard. The number of people who heard the noise rapidly soared. Apart from opening their mouths all of a sudden, some citizens would even fall unconscious while walking. The nobility in the city studied the symptoms, and thought that it was caused by the curse of Cassilda. They have hired some heretic wizards to explore the ruins of Cassilda and destroy the root of the curse.

        The wizards went through the habitat of the mutant toads and arrived at the ruins of Cassilda. They had disabled their hearing with the power of the secret magic. A beast with a silvery head, a dragon body and two pairs of golden eyes appeared in their mind, but the wizards did not flinch. They erased fear as well as their other emotions and focused the wood elements to drill a hole in the hard soil. A green fluid rushed to the surface like a fountain so that the exploration became difficult to continue. The wizards cleared the fluid doubtfully and they saw a wooden yellow root-like structure. They had tried hard to cut the root but they soon found the root contracting like a muscle fiber and was repairing itself.

        “Give up, you can’t stop it!” The mage arrived hurriedly. He had been looking for the enormous dragon for a long time in hopes of stealing its power as it sleeps. However, the dragon was enraged. Not only could deaf wizards not hear the warning, but they also lost the sensation of fear. As the drill went deeper and deeper, an earthquake started — boulders fell everywhere, and the ground caved in. The wizards were immediately buried alive by the rocks. A deafening howl echoed throughout the land and the dragon carried a piece of the land on his back as it rose. The mage could feel the desire of the dragon from the oscillation of elements. He pointed his wand at the dragon as he said:
“Byakhee, you shall not live.”

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