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        ‘...The strange creature finally descended with the conclusion of the ritual. It has gone beyond my wildest expectations. I could not call it a beast, but I could not call it a humanoid either. I really could not describe its shape and could not define its existence. I could only refer to it as “it”. It caught a wizard with its limb (I called that a limb because it was grabbing its prey with that appendage), and bit off his head with its mouth (I called that a mouth because it was gulping down the flesh and blood with that cavity). We were stunned by the terror emerged from it. A noise similar to the buzzing of flies echoed inside our pricked ears. This was not its voice as it did not make any. That noise was the scream that came out from my brain, but not my mouth as I had lost my voice forever...’

        “Bastards!” Half of the book sank into the mud as the Great Mage threw it on the ground in the rain. A glop of mucus launched onto the book and corroded it. “They know only how to summon chaos, but never consider the consequences!” As the rage built up inside him, the fire elements gathered, burning the book and the mucus to ashes. The mage shook his head and told himself to stay calm. After replacing his body, he found it harder to control his emotions. When he followed the evidence trail and found the heretics who worshipped Byakhee, he was supposed to work with them to locate it. However, when he saw the heretics commit infanticide as sacrifice, the Great Mage killed them all in fury.

        “Stay calm!” the mage murmured. “Not only my body, but also my mind. I have to find a calmer body next time...”

        The wizards believed that the Elder Gods who created the world were sleeping in the realm of men. The power of the elements they left in the realm was sealed by ancient humans with runes, with which they built Enochian Tower, the cause of a series of wars. The Heretics reckoned that if the Elder Gods were awakened, they would definitely rectify the past mistakes.

        During the temporary peace, the heretics and the Great Mage had successfully summoned an incarnation of an Elder Godfrom the ethereal world. Seeing the Ethereal Dragon soar in the sky was a great encouragement to the wizards. However, the Great Mage no longer studied the magic of summoning incarnations, but delved into the the way of controlling the power of the Ethereal Dragon instead. Therefore, the wizards had stolen the mage’s findings, and summoned the ancient power on their own.