In pursuit of perfect creation, Yibb Tstll left the uncontrolled Daoloth to join Azathoth for learning destruction. After countless times of practice, it began to understand the uniqueness of destruction, attempting to use Azathoth’s power to create evilness.
        In the beginning, the evilness it made was not stable and faded away fast. Then, Yibb mixed the curse of Azathoth with a part of its own body. That was how a tough life form was born. As that creature engulfed other lives, it continuously evolved. All of a sudden, Yibb was enlightened.
        “My body originated from Daoloth...If the power of creation and destruction blends with each other, it’ll generate a true perfect life.”
        Yibb named that creature——Yog-Sothoth, which was also called the “ancient demon” at later ages. Yibb tried hard to produce even more evilness and malevolence. Indulged in such forbidden creation, one day it met an uninvited guest.

        “Yibb, Azathoth has gone.” Fthaggua the most obedient follower brought the unexpected news.
        Although Azathoth relentlessly ruined the “land of life” made by Daoloth with great speed, the followers could always track its whereabouts through Azathoth’s power. But this time was different, for they were unable to feel its energy.
        In view of this bizarre situation, Yibb and the others set out to where Azathoth’s power remained in last place——The realm.
        “Just tear the whole place down, and we’ll find Azathoth! I’m so excited.” Fthaggua, wearing a sinister grin, could not wait to start. Its desire for destruction had never faded away.
        “Not this time. It’s different.” Yibb closed its eyes to feel the energy flowing in the realm. But this place was not the same as what Daoloth had created. In the past, it was clean and pure, but such land of life in front of them was tainted with insanity.
        “This energy is ominous. It’s much worse than brutal destruction...Right, it’s like a void that can suck in all power.”
        Shaken, Yibb talked to Fthaggua and other followers, “Azathoth is our first priority.”
        They split up to find its whereabouts all over the realm. Having sent out all the ancient demons, Yibb still had no clue to its trace. Until one day, it saw one of the ancient demons carrying an energy it was familiar with——Fthaggua’s remaining consciousness!
        “Fthaggua, what’s going on?”
        “I...found...Azathoth...Swallow me...You’ll know…” Fthaggua’s consciousness was too weak to say a complete sentence. Then, Yibb opened its mouth to swallow.
        Yibb focused on connecting with the consciousness by shutting all its senses. A few moments later, Fthaggua’s memories flocked to its mind and it saw someone familiar——Ubbo Sathla, a fellow of Fthaggua.
        Fthaggua possessed Ubbo. Although Azathoth was successfully tracked, Ubbo noticed it, which led to a battle between them. Eventually, Fthaggua fell, most of its consciousness was devoured by Ubbo and only a small amount of remains could get away. Somehow it was found by an ancient demon created by Yibb.
        “…” The broken consciousness still proved its unwavering loyalty.
        “Worry not, Fthaggua. Azathoth is a prerequisite for creating a perfect land of life. I won’t let it disappear.”
        Yibb opened its eyes gazing at the location of Azathoth. Likewise, it was also the location of Daoloth.

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