The morning was this town's busiest hours. On the streets, people were rushing back and forth. A man wearing a grid patterned Berect cap was rushing towards a shop. Standing in front of the door, the man energized himself by taking a deep breath before he pushed open the door. Upon seeing him enter the shop, a girl dashed towards the man. Before the man could even say hi, she excitedly jumped up, hugged the man, and exclaimed…

        “What took you so long? I’ve waited ages!”

    hey were so close they could even hear each other breathing. The man blushed, gently pushed the girl away, and said: “Be patient, Jackie. I came right after I woke up!” “Aren’t you exited, James? We’ve been working on it for so long, and today, we can finally test it! Nothing’s more memorable than the first test!” Jackie shook off his hand and tried to life the machine by herself. However, the machine was incredibly heavy, and she soon lost balance and shook the machine back and forth. James, watching her, became a little concerned

        “I’ll handle the caring or you will destroy our work.” James smiled and lifted the machine for her. Although she kept nagging, Jackie followed him with smile across her face.

        After arriving at the bell tower of the town, James started to set up the machine while Jackie walked around. She raise her hands and formed a rectangle with her fingers, in an attempt to find the best view. “Here, right here! Come on James! Turn the lens here!” Jackie yelled and waved to James. “I know, I know, my lady! Give me some time to prepare, ok?” James thought he was lucky for being the first person that comes to Jackie's mind whenever she needed help. Thinking about this, James couldn’t help but smile. As the lens turned to Jackie’s position, who stood in front of the bell tower, everything was set. Just as James was going to push the button, Jackie yelled at him again: “Wait a sec, James! Why don’t you come over? It’s for the first time!” “It’s alright! I’m your assistant. You alone will be enough.”

        Of course, James wanted to take photos with Jackie, but every time he was near her, he was afraid his true feelings for her would show, which might ruin their friendship. “Oh, how boring!” “That’s me. Do you want to test it or not?” “Of course I do! Take a good one of me!” James smiled and pushed the button, Jackie's smile was forever cherished as the camera captured it.

        Filled with excitement, the two of them went back to the shop, looking forward to seeing their achievement. However, all they got was simply a blank photo with nothing on it. James was worried that this setback would upset Jackie. Surprisingly, Jackie just took a while to calm herself before she regained her energy. She took a pen and began researching on how to improve the camera. After a while, she stood up, but suddenly, her nose began to bleed and then she passed out! Before long, she was diagnosed with an incurable disease and didn’t have long to live…

        “Don’t waste your time on that machine anymore. Do whatever you want!” “Don’t be silly...It’s my dream to finish it...” During these last few days, James always stayed beside Jackie, taking care of her and helping her finish the machine, but he was too shy to express his true feelings to her. Before the machine was improved, Jackie passed away. James followed Jackie’s notes and improved the machine. The day he finished improving the machine, James took it out for a test again.

        It was already midnight, but all James wanted to do was accomplishing Jackie’s final wish. He went to the bell tower again, set up the machine, pointed the lens to Jackie’s favorite position. He pushed the button and for the first time, he stood in front of the lens. During this silent night, only the sound of the machine could be heard. After that, James returned to the shop with the machine.

        James then placed the photoresist in the water-developable. When he nervously took out the photoresist, James cried hysterically, not only did he succeed, he also saw Jackie standing right beside him on the photo.

        “It’s just a photo! James you idiot!” James looked up and saw Jackie’s soul on the machine, smiling to him.

        “Ja...Jackie...?”Jackie, who had passed away, was standing in front of him while mocking him just like she did when she was alive. The girl he dreamt about day and night was actually able to stay beside him in another way! James was both surprised and excited. He walked towards Jackie. They smiled at each other, without saying another word, they already understood each other’s feelings.

        Later on, James and Jackie operated their photo studio together, helping different people capture their most memorable moments. Their cameras were unique, since it captured their clients' most memorable moments and objects. Many people were attracted to their shop and it soon became a well-known studio...

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