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        “Go back at once! Carry the message to the Courts!”

        ‘No one shall fine!’

        The great hall is shaking as the dragon howls. Sitting on the ground, Hertz draws his bow when the dragon afar throws boulders on us. I turn to crush the boulders into powder, at the moment a flaming arrow fly across the cracked hall. Yet as a stream of vapor gather, another dragon emerges to swallow the arrow.



        As the mist obscures the hall and the walls of the tower is crumbling, the fragments of the walls dipped faster in the disrupted flow of elements. The growl of the dragons and the sound of boulders crushing mingles in the air. The path we barely opened up is ruined. I stumble across the way and I can hardly split myself to help my partner out.

        “This way!”

        Someone in green calls me. Following the familiar voice, I hop among the rocks. However, I am struck by a flash of lightning all of a sudden. Though I lifted my blade to parry, my mind fades away in the exploding pain.

        When I regain my consciousness, the soldiers of the reinforcement were curing the injured ones. As I hear the clip-clops of the hoofs, I saw Red Boy coming in his refined Armor of Sagittarius. He asked sternly, “Where’s Hertz? What happened?”

“I don’t know... what Hertz... had found... on the dragon... I didn’t... have the time... to ask - ”

        I try to climb up, yet my body is paralyzed.

        “You need to take a rest right now.”

        “No! We... must... find him!”

        “I know. He owes me a name too.” A stern face of Red Boy was hard to come by. “Yet...”

        ‘He was no longer blessed by the astralists. Let go of him, John.’

        Upon the astralists’ advice in my mind, I seek confirmation from the boy. “What did the astralists say? Did they offer you any suggestions?”

        “They told me to return to the Court...”

        “Crap!” I can barely put myself up. “He’s right! There’s only one step between Enochian Tower and heaven. We must leave!”

        “You mean... John, weren’t the two of you attacked by the Demons?”

        “The cold war between branches is about to end. No one is going to stay out from this!” Murderous design is conceiving inside me like a wildfire, in the way it did when I killed my superiors. “The Gods are no longer - no, the Gods were never the ruler of the world!”