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        Such a field filled with flowers in the realm of men is hard to come by at such times. On my way when I was rushing excitedly, thinking about hanging out with Carrie here, I was told that Hertz and John got involved in an accident! As a result I could hardly invite Carrie...

        With hesitation I suggested to Carrie that we could spar. I should be able to ask her out with me after the match, I guess.

        Stepping forward. Split kick. Horse stance. Left straight. No, it’s a fake move. Right hook... Carrie deserves to be the Court of Aquarius. She is nimble, without making any extra movements! After several rounds, we lie on the grassland for a rest, in the same way we did in our childhood... Yes, the peaceful life we had been leading has already faded away.

        With the missing of Hertz as a prelude, the situation now implies that battles between the Courts of Zodiacs and the Gods are inevitable. Armstrong and Galio have already set out some time ago, they should have come back a few days before if everything’s usual. However, Persephone and Ravniss can only wait for the return of their loved ones in the empty Courts...

        In case of what happened to Hertz repeats, with Persephone as the leader, Carrie and I set off to look for them.

        I can hardly describe what’s going on. The closer we get to Armstrong and Galio, the burnt surface on the grassland gets larger, and the fire grows from a few sparks into a huge fire! In the flames, the soldiers of Gods sprout up from the underground, rushing to the same direction. So it’s obvious that it’s where Armstrong and Galio are! Seeing this, Persephone hurries into the fire, while Carrie and I follow her at once. We both understand the pain put forward by the affection. Therefore instead of stopping her, we step on it to open up the way for her.

        I stride forward quickly when Carrie runs to me from the back and vaults over me. Using my shoulder as a springboard, she kicks a few soldiers off. At the moment she has landed, I make her leg a support as I flip to assault the soldiers around and land with my fist. It seems that our minds are connected by telepathy. A single glance is all we need to keep in step with each other. All the soldiers in our way are soon defeated by us, yet the next crowd of them grow out from the ground quickly - So that’s why Armstrong and Galio are yet to return. As we are fending off the soldiers, I can no longer see Persephone in the crowd of enemies...

        “I hope she can fetch Armstrong back on time.” Carrie says as she sidesteps a tackle, gazing at where Persephone disappeared.

        I wave my fist beside her. “Let’s keep this way open for her.”