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Diamond Seals[]

Diamond Seals contain cards of a higher rarity compared to those in the Friend Point Seal. 5 Diamonds are needed for a card draw.

Independent Card Seals[]

Main article: Independent Card Seals

An Independent Card Seal is released together with every new patch version of the game since Version 6.0.

Collector's Deck[]

Main article: Collector's Deck

A Collector's Deck differs from a typical card seal in that once a card is drawn, it is removed from the deck. A collector's deck may contain duplicates.

Seal of the Engraver & Carver[]

Each week a different attribute is featured, enhancing the chances of drawing that attributes cards. 2 Specific monsters are also selected from that weeks attribute for an extra enhanced chance. An overview of recent cards with enhanced chance can be found at Draw Bonuses. Special single dayb events are also occasionally held with a 200% extra chance of drawing cards from specific monsters or series.

  • Starting 31 Jul 2017 the normal Diamond Seal will periodically be adjusted to include an Independent Card Seal while one or more normal Diamond Seal series will not be available during that period.
  • Starting 23 Oct 2017 the normal Diamond Seal is split in two parts: Seal of the Engraver & Seal of the Carver.

List of Monsters[]

Previous Diamond Seals[]

Series 14.0 14.1 14.2 14.3 15.0 15.1
31 Jul 21 Aug 11 Sep 2 Oct 23 Oct 4 Dec 22 Jan 5 Mar
Part 1 Part 2 Part 1 Part 2 Part 1 Part 2 Part 1 Part 2
No. 191 Poseidon Greek Gods o o o o o x o x o x o x
No. 201 Freyr Norse Gods o o x o o x o x o x o x
No. 211 Tefnut Egyptian Gods o x x o x o x o x o x o
No. 221 Dragon of the East Sea Chinese Gods o o o o o x o x o x o x
No. 309 The Misty Ethereal Dragon Ethereal Dragons o o x x x x x x x x x x
No. 344 Princess of Troy The Witches o o o o o x o x o x o x
No. 355 Poppy the Armed Handmaid Twelve Zodiacs o o o o x o x o x o x o
No. 388 The Fearless Warrior Immortal Heroes x o o x o x o x o x o x
No. 413 Dragon Spiritor - Water Servant of Dragons o o x o o x o x o x o x
No. 466 Elizabeth the Noble Crimson Grace o o o o x o x o x o x o
No. 531 Wen Zhong the Grand Preceptor Investiture of the Gods o x o o o x o x o x o x
No. 596 Gretchen and Heisenberg Cyborg Scholars o x o x o x o x o x o x
No. 716 Scrubia the Vengeful Demi-dragon Minds of the Fray x o o x o x o x o x o x
No. 726 Yuki-onna Hyakki Yagyō - Curse x o o x x o x o x o x o
No. 790 Kukulkan Dragons from Sepulchre o o x o o x o x o x o x
No. 801 Atrahasis Major Gods of Babylon x o o o x o x o x o x o
No. 861 Jinnie Toy Pixies o x o o x o x o x o x o
No. 881 The Emperor of Elegant Clothes Fairytales Untold x o o o o x o x o x o x
No. 946 Oceans Keeper Keepers of Worlds o o o x x o x o x o x o
No. 986 Skogul Valkyries of Divine Wine o x o o o x o x o x o x
No. 1031 Aloha Druids of Nature x o o o x o x o x o x o
No. 1056 Swegde Descendants of the North o o o o x o x o x o x o
No. 1101 Azazel Origin of Demons x o o o x o x o x o x o
No. 1136 Pontos Primal Greek Gods o o x o o x o x o x o x
No. 1166 Florice Revolutionary Heroes‎ o x o o x o x o x o x o
No. 1221 Pupuro Companions of Mystical Beasts‎ o o o o x o x o x o x o
No. 1666 Sha Seng the Sand Fiend Sindhu 6* x x x x x x x x o o o o
No. 1236 Abraham The Fallen Halos o o o o x x x x x x x x
No. 1276 Guan Yu Imperial Warlords x x o o o x x o x x x x
No. 1416 Susanoo Yamato x x x x x o o x x x x x
No. 1446 Galahad Knights of the Round Table x x x x x x x x o x x x
No. 1471 Azai Sengoku Samurai x x x x x x x x x o o x
No. 1536 Andromeda Star Burst Pulses x x x x x x x x x x x o
  • Sindhu 6* Series were introduced in the Diamond Seal on 15 Feb 2018 11:00 HK
  • During the Black Card Seal Draw of 25 - 31 Aug 2017, normal Diamond Seal content was available and included The Fallen Halos
  • During the Black Card Seal Draw of 20 - 26 Nov 2017, normal Diamond Seal content was available and included Imperial Warlords & Yamato
  • During the Black Card Seal Draw of 15 Feb - 21 Feb 2018, normal Diamond Seal content was available

Special Seals[]

Special Seals are only available for a limited time during special events.

God & Demon Seal (closed)[]

  • This seal was open from 18 Jul - 24 Jul 2016 and 27 Jan - 31 Jan 2018
Series Monsters
Greek Gods No. 191 PoseidonNo. 193 HephaestusNo. 195 AthenaNo. 197 ApolloNo. 199 Artemis
Norse Gods No. 201 FreyrNo. 203 TyrNo. 205 FreyjaNo. 207 ThorNo. 209 Loki
Egyptian Gods No. 219 Osiris
Twelve Zodiacs No. 355 Poppy the Armed HandmaidNo. 357 Armstrong the City TakerNo. 359 Pollux the Dual SwordsmanNo. 361 John the Shadow AssassinNo. 363 Galio the Broad SwordsmanNo. 365 Persephone the Harvest Maiden
No. 367 Luna the Saintly WarriorNo. 369 Alma the Sickle AssassinNo. 371 Hertz the Woodlands WalkerNo. 373 Domon the Boulder CrusherNo. 375 Carrie the Phantom DancerNo. 377 Cateua & Ravniss the Tide Riders
Immortal Heroes No. 388 The Fearless WarriorNo. 390 The Merciless FighterNo. 392 The Unfortunate KnightNo. 394 The Resolute SamuraiNo. 396 The Unjust Soldier
Crimson Grace No. 466 Elizabeth the NobleNo. 468 Jackie the PostwomanNo. 470 Engaged BelleNo. 472 Jack the GentlemanNo. 474 Todd the Puppet Barber
Investiture of the Gods No. 533 Dipankara the MonkNo. 537 Jiang Shang the Tao AchieverNo. 539 Shen Gongbao the Tao Achiever
Minds of the Fray No. 716 Scrubia the Vengeful Demi-dragonNo. 717 Thetis the Wilful ShieldNo. 718 Rosa Sisters - Amor & CelosNo. 719 Imanotsurugi & UsumidoriNo. 720 Lü Lingshuang the Vicious Cadaver
Hyakki Yagyō - Curse No. 726 Yuki-onnaNo. 728 Shuten-dōjiNo. 730 KarasutenguNo. 732 KejourouNo. 734 Tuchigumo
Major Gods of Babylon No. 801 AtrahasisNo. 803 NinurtaNo. 805 DumuziNo. 807 InannaNo. 809 Namtar
Fairytales Untold No. 881 The Emperor of Elegant ClothesNo. 883 The Successor of the Red HoodNo. 885 The Treasure HunterNo. 887 The Magic LampNo. 889 The Happy Prince
Keepers of Worlds No. 946 Oceans KeeperNo. 948 Flames KeeperNo. 950 Forests KeeperNo. 952 Keeper of the LightNo. 954 Keeper in the Dark
Valkyries of Divine Wine No. 986 SkogulNo. 988 SkeggjaldNo. 990 GeironulNo. 992 ThrudNo. 994 Gondul
Descendants of the North No. 1058 HeimdallrNo. 1060 ValiNo. 1064 Norvi
Origin of Demons No. 1101 AzazelNo. 1103 AbadonNo. 1105 SamaelNo. 1107 BeelzebubNo. 1109 Mastema
Primal Greek Gods‎ No. 1136 PontosNo. 1138 PhanesNo. 1140 GaiaNo. 1142 AetherNo. 1144 Erebus
Flowers of Pledge No. 1189 Priestess of Flawless Purity - XiNo. 1190 Dancer of Blazing Flames - Yan
Below Series are only included from 27 Jan 2018 onwards
The Fallen Halos No. 1236 AbrahamNo. 1238 ChessiaNo. 1240 HuifreNo. 1242 BaelNo. 1244 SatanNo. 1248 Samle
Imperial Warlords No. 1278 Cao CaoNo. 1284 Zhuge Liang
Yamato No. 1416 SusanooNo. 1418 KagutsuchiNo. 1424 IzanamiNo. 1426 AmaterasuNo. 1428 IzanagiNo. 1430 Tsukuyomi
Knights of the Round Table No. 1454 Lancelot
Sengoku Samurai No. 1485 Tokugawa
Star Burst Pulses No. 1538 PerseusNo. 1540 OphiuchusNo. 1546 AurigaNo. 1550 Lyra
Prologue of the Universe No. 1638 GhrothNo. 1640 Yibb Tstll

Ancient Coin Seal[]

Ancient Coin Seals are only available for a limited time during special events. 100 Ancient Coins are needed for a card draw. Ancient Coins can be collecting by drawing from the following seals:

  1. Independent Card Seals - you will get 5 Ancient Coins per draw
  2. Seal of the Engraver & Carver - you will get 10 Ancient Coins per draw
  3. Special Seals - you will get 5 Ancient Coins per draw

List of Ancient Coin Seals[]

This list is incomplete; you can help by adding missing items.

Break the Ancient Coin Seal[]

Friend Point Seal[]

The Friend Point Seal contains cards generally of a low rarity. They tend to be of good use to summoners starting out, but become of little value as time goes on. 200 Friend Points are needed for one card draw. Cards can also be drawn ten at a time for 2000 points.

Friend Points are gained by battling with an allies monster or having been selected by others as their ally.
Choosing someone from your Friend List and completing the battle will award 10 points. Choosing an adventurer will award 5 points.
Note: Points will only be awarded once per use in a 24 hour period. If the same ally is used or someone uses your monster more than once in this period, no additional points will be given.

Summoners also receive 200 friend points once for logging in the first time that day.

List of Monsters[]


Series Monsters
Gnomes No. 57 Glacier GnomeNo. 59 Volcano GnomeNo. 61 Boulder GnomeNo. 63 Glare GnomeNo. 65 Abyss Gnome
Lizard Warriors No. 77 Glacier Lizard WarriorNo. 79 Blazing Lizard WarriorNo. 81 Forest Lizard WarriorNo. 83 Golden Lizard WarriorNo. 85 Ebony Lizard Warrior
Little Witches No. 87 Alice the AstrologerNo. 89 Marymount the MikoNo. 91 Karis the TaoistNo. 93 Antonia the MissionaryNo. 95 Lilith the Alchemist
Slimes No. 97 Aqueous SlimeNo. 99 Flaming SlimeNo. 101 Forest SlimeNo. 103 Angel SlimeNo. 105 Ghost Slime
Werewolves No. 107 Azure WerewolfNo. 109 Crimson WerewolfNo. 111 Emerald WerewolfNo. 113 Ivory WerewolfNo. 115 Shadow Werewolf
Greek Statues No. 320 Statue of God of SeaNo. 322 Statue of God of the FireNo. 324 Statue of Goddess of WarNo. 326 Statue of God of the SunNo. 328 Statue of Goddess of Luna
Greek Daemons No. 403 BollaNo. 404 ChimeraNo. 405 PanNo. 406 PholusNo. 407 Lamia
Pawns No. 486 The Pawn of WaterNo. 487 The Pawn of FireNo. 488 The Pawn of EarthNo. 489 The Pawn of LightNo. 490 The Pawn of Darkness
Celestial Devotees No. 521 Ocean TroopersNo. 523 Faith PursuerNo. 525 Spirit of Pine WoodNo. 527 Soulual SeekerNo. 529 Ghost of Willow
Adherents of Heresies No. 546 Gnoph-KehNo. 547 Serpent SoldierNo. 548 Pagan InfantNo. 549 Silver Twilight AdherentNo. 550 Chthonian the Land Dweller
Tin Toys Troops No. 871 Knight Iron DucklingNo. 872 Knight Iron PiggyNo. 873 Knight Iron AlpacaNo. 874 Knight Iron HummingbirdNo. 875 Knight Iron Octopus
Demonic Mini Dragons No. 1111 Mini Dragon of FrostNo. 1113 Mini Dragon of FlamesNo. 1115 Mini Dragon of ErosionNo. 1117 Mini Dragon of FluorescenceNo. 1119 Mini Dragon of Shadow
Nymphs No. 1146 Aqua NymphNo. 1148 Blazing NymphNo. 1150 Emerald NymphNo. 1152 Radiant NymphNo. 1154 Shadowy Nymph


Series Monsters
Protagonists No. 1 MollyNo. 5 SeanNo. 9 DuncanNo. 13 Baron NathanielNo. 17 Solace Endor
Chinese Mythological Beasts No. 21 Aqua SolitaryNo. 25 Pyro SolitaryNo. 29 Terra SolitaryNo. 33 Light SolitaryNo. 37 Shadow Solitary
Defensive Dragons No. 41 IcigonNo. 44 FlamerNo. 47 JadatorNo. 50 ShimmerNo. 53 Decapa
Paladins No. 131 Aqua Knight-errantNo. 134 Pyro Knight-errantNo. 137 Terra Knight-errantNo. 140 Light Knight-errantNo. 143 Dark Knight-errant
Metallic Beasts No. 161 Metallic RhincodonNo. 164 Metallic LionNo. 167 Metallic RhinocerosNo. 170 Metallic WolfNo. 173 Metallic Leopard
Western Beasts No. 176 Dweller of the SeaNo. 179 Three-headed DogNo. 182 GorgonNo. 185 Baby GriffinNo. 188 Sabbatic Goat
Spiritual Civilization No. 621 OdousNo. 624 IquitosNo. 627 MufasaNo. 630 PlumaNo. 633 Basti


Series Monsters
Evolution Materials No. 261 Crystal Dragon EggNo. 262 Crystal DragonNo. 263 Rare Crystal Dragon
No. 264 The Cursed SwordNo. 265 The Sword of SlaughterNo. 266 The Demon Sword
No. 267 Baby HoneymonNo. 268 HoneymonNo. 269 Prime Honeymon
No. 385 Junior ClownNo. 386 Headless ClownNo. 387 The Midnight Joker
No. 379 The Water AstralistNo. 380 The Fire AstralistNo. 381 The Earth AstralistNo. 382 The Light AstralistNo. 383 The Dark AstralistNo. 384 The AstrologerNo. 541 Celestial Puppet
No. 1660 Power Core
Spirits No. 241 Tattered Azure SpiritNo. 242 Tattered Crimson SpiritNo. 243 Tattered Emerald SpiritNo. 244 Tattered Ivory SpiritNo. 245 Tattered Shadow Spirit
No. 246 Reborn Azure SpiritNo. 247 Reborn Crimson SpiritNo. 248 Reborn Emerald SpiritNo. 249 Reborn Ivory SpiritNo. 250 Reborn Shadow Spirit
No. 251 Unified Azure SpiritNo. 252 Unified Crimson SpiritNo. 253 Unified Emerald SpiritNo. 254 Unified Ivory SpiritNo. 255 Unified Shadow Spirit
No. 256 Eternal Azure SpiritNo. 257 Eternal Crimson SpiritNo. 258 Eternal Emerald SpiritNo. 259 Eternal Ivory SpiritNo. 260 Eternal Shadow Spirit
Soulstones No. 270 Small Aqua SoulstoneNo. 271 Small Pyro SoulstoneNo. 272 Small Terra SoulstoneNo. 273 Small Light SoulstoneNo. 274 Small Shadow Soulstone
No. 275 Aqua SoulstoneNo. 276 Pyro SoulstoneNo. 277 Terra SoulstoneNo. 278 Light SoulstoneNo. 279 Shadow Soulstone
No. 280 Millennium Aqua SoulstoneNo. 281 Millennium Pyro SoulstoneNo. 282 Millennium Terra SoulstoneNo. 283 Millennium Light SoulstoneNo. 284 Millennium Shadow Soulstone
The Essence of Spirits No. 576 Breeding CrystalNo. 577 Essence HunterNo. 578 Arcane Luster
Level Up No. 423 Spiritual Eye
Skill Level Up No. 617 Baby Harpy

This card is guaranteed to appear when drawing 10 cards at a time