This page can be used to compare cards. If you'd like detailed information about an individual card, the Gallery section will be much easier to read. The data may change as the developers add and change more cards.

To compare Recovery, click on the "RCR" heading two times to sort the cards with the highest recovery at the top. Or, you can click on the "Skill" heading to see which cards have the same skill for increasing skill level.

Numbers are from a level 1 card as listed on the "Gallery" screen. For information on the maximum stats for cards, please see the Maximum Stats page.

Key for Locations:

Key Description
RegularCard can be found in a Stage as a common enemy
RareCard can be found in a Stage, but only appears rarely
StoryCard can be found in a Story Stage (The Traveler’s Memories)
BossCard can be found in a Regular Stage but only as the boss of the level, may have rare drop rate
UltimateCard can only be obtained from the boss of an Ultimate battle
SpecialCard can be found in a Special Stage (Instant Battle, Battle of the Week, etc) usually as the boss
EvolveCard will not drop in any quest, but can be evolved from another card
ReleaseCard can be Power Released from a previously evolved card
FSealCard can be obtained from a Friend Seal draw
DSealCard can be obtained from a Diamond Seal draw
SSealCard can be obtained from a Special Seal draw
CombineUsed in battle by having 2 set monsters in the team. There is no actual card for the inventory.
AltAlternate look for another card.