In the laboratory, Zero, Mellow, Ghostie and Choux had found their missing pals——the triplets without eyeballs. On the way to save them, the cats were attacked by the insane Fist. After a few battles, his sanity had gradually regained.

        Then, a dead rat-like smell was wafting out from somewhere. “Holy moly! What’s wrong with this place!? It stinks like hell——Ahh! Who’s grabbing me,” Choux said as she could not stand the odor.

        Not only her, other cats were also caught and held off the ground by robotic arms reaching out from the walls. The startled cats screamed out for help.

        “Plu-Plumpy!” Fist finally broke his usual silence and cried out, for he saw her and other pals are captured by the robotic arms. They seemed to be drugged.

        “Hahaha! Gotcha! My precious...How beautiful...all that hard work to kidnap Ali Baba has paid off.” Cullinan took a translucent gemstone to examine, walking into the laboratory while a bunch of servants were clustering around.

        “Those gemstones are made of the triplets’ eyes...Now I get it…” Mellow connected all the clues into a conclusion.

        “You took Ali Baba to lure us here, so that you can take our eyes to make gems!”

        “You’re smart, tiny one. Sad that you’re gonna be one of my collections!” Cullinan took out two sliver guns, the gem-making tools.

        Cullinan walked towards Mellow, stared at her eyes and licked his lips with an evil look. “Your eyes look nice. Be the first then!”

        “No, Stop it——” The cats shouted, but they were caught up by the robotic arms. They had no choice but hopelessly witnessed Cullinan pulling the trigger. Bang! A strong light come out of the muzzle. Next second, the gem made by Mellow’s right eye dropped to the floor from her eye socket. Meanwhile, another gun also fell from his hand.

        “How dare you scratch me!” Cullinan covered his bleeding hand, glaring at the one-eyed Mellow.

        Turned out Mellow had scratched Cullinan’s right hand at the critical moment, saving her left eye from the gun.

        “Don’t even think about touching me with your stinky hands! You repulse me!”

        “You little piece of——!” Cullinan slapped her across the face out of fury; Mellow could not stand the hit and bled, but her eye didn’t even show a hint of fear. This irritated him even more, giving her another slap.

        “It’s okay...No it’s NOT okay!”

        Zero witnessed every brutal thing Cullinan had done to Mellow. His calmness had completely gone, breath became rapid and his heterochromatic eyes started popping out in anger.

        “Stop,” Zero groaned, implying an unsettling emotion surging within. But the unawared Cullinan turned around and waved the gem like he was taunting at Zero..

        “Stop struggling. My inventor has already made the robotic arms stronger. They are not so easy to break——Wh-what?”

        Stepping back, Cullinan was startled by Zero’s raging red eyes. But something even more terrible was awaiting.

        “Roar!” Zero let out a deafening yet intimidating roar as if he were the king of the beasts. His burly body became more and more robust with bulging muscles. Crack! The robotic arms were broken.

        “I’m gonna maul you!” Gritting his pointed, protruding teeth, Zero waved his razor-sharp paws to slash the robotic arms open, setting Mellow free in the blink of an eye.

        “So this is his true self…” She was stunned by what she saw.

        “Th-this cat has gone crazy! Anyone who can catch him will be rewarded!” Cullinan shouted out for help, but the servants had long gone once they saw the berserk Zero. Now Zero was cornering Cullinan step by step.

        “You hurt my pals...This is for Mellow!” He swung his right, brawny fist to knock Cullinan flying to the wall. Taking the hit, his right face had swollen like a dough, but Zero wanted more than that. He then punched Cullinan into the stomach with left fist.

        “Ahh——Blaargh!” The blow made him throw up all the food! “This is for the triplets,” Zero said calmly with a cold face.

        “Please...please...have mercy...” Dying Cullinan mumbled to beg him for mercy. Zero didn’t even had a moment of hesitation; He was about to bash him again, but someone mae him stop.

        “Enough. You’re killing him.” Mellow touched his hand and continued, “don’t get your hands dirty for scumbag like him.”

        “Mellow...understood.” With her consolation, Zero had gradually regained his sanity. A sudden broadcast from the ceiling interrupted his conversation——

        “Beep! The laboratory will explode in 10 minutes!”

        “Are-are you kidding me?...Darn it! It must be that inventor! One day you’ll pay for this you bastard!” Cullinan got up, staggering along the way out. By instinct, Zero was going to catch him up, but stopped by Mellow eventually.

        “Don’t go. Let’s get our pals out first.”

        Zero nodded. Then, both of them did it together and saved all the cats out of the laboratory...

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