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        Nepenthes eventually reunited with his girlfriend Rose with the help of May Lily, the assistant to the third prince; but he was also entrusted by Welwitschia the king, looking after the banished elves framed by Hyacinth the eldest prince. Because of which, a huge community was formed, and everyone was looking out for each other in hard times.

        Lately, the halo of Mother Tree was fading with unknown reason. Those old or weak elves started withering because of the insufficient halo absorbed.

        As the elves became anxious about it, the tension in the community became serious too. Sensing the danger in the woods, Nepenthes immediately requested May Lily an investigation through letter, but the letter was never responded. All Nepenthes could do was trying his best to stop the conflict from breaking them apart.

        He didn’t have any break through until one day he was taking a walk with Rose, where two male-elves were bullying a female-elf. Witnessing the scene, Rose immediately interfered,knocking down one of the bullies.

        “How dare you hit me! We are the glorious revolutionist of Lady Papaver——”

        “Shut up you idiot!” Another bully cut him off and dragged him away.

        “Papaver...Isn’t she the leader of the elves at the west side? Revolution...This might be a huge deal. Gotta look into it.”

        Nepenthes discreetly spread his odor on the two elves on the run, while the agitated Rose yelled, “hey! What revolution? Stop running——Nepenthes, why are you stopping me? I gotta find out the truth!”

        “Calm down. I’ve left my scent on them. The trace will remain on them for the whole day. They won’t be able to get away from me.” Nepenthes smirked.

        After calming Rose down, they escorted the wounded elf back with her lover. The scene of the two of them hugging each other moved Nepenthes.

        “All we ever wanted is to be with our beloved elves. Why is this simple wish so hard to come true?”

        While Nepenthes was pondering, Rose wrapped up her sleeves enthusiastically and said, “let’s get those bastards!”

        “No, Rose. Stay put. Judging from their conversation, there could be a huge conspiracy hiding behind. It’s gonna be dangerous, so I’ll go alone——”

        “I’m coming with you! We’ll face everything together for better or worse! I ain’t letting you leave me again!” Rose held his arm tight and not letting go.

        “Alright alright. We’ll go together.” Yet her stubbornness was also the reason why Nepenthes fell for her.

        They avoided the surveillance in the woods and traced the scent all the way down to the deepest part; the recon eventually stopped at the giant rock in front of a cave, for it was heavily guarded by a troop of elves.

        When they were planning the next move behind the rock, they heard something from a minion, “good afternoon, Lady Papaver.”

        “How’s the progress of our weapons?”

        “On schedule. It’ll be completed before the Century Feast.”

        “Great...Soon we’ll have Mother Tree back and get back what we’ve lost!”

        “Whoa!” The overwhelmed Rose exclaimed. Although she covered her mouth as soon as she realised it, Papaver caught this almost unhearable sound. Suddenly, her expression went from graceful to intimiating.

        “Elves! Kill the filthy intruder!” Papaver commanded.

        “Crap! We’re exposed...Gotta protect Rose first!”

        Having the thought, Nepenthes lifted up Rose and ran with full speed. Pursued by the troops, Nepenthes got stabbed at the back. He endured the traumatic pain to unleash his power, spraying the irritating smell at the enemies. A lot of them passed out because of that, while the rest of the enemies were defeated by the thorns shot by Rose.

        After an intense run, they finally got out of the woods without any pursuers. Nepenthes knelt on the ground out of exhaustion. With tears swelling in the eyes, Rose held him anxiously.

        “I, I’m sorry. I compromised the mission…”

        “These wounds mean nothing as long as you’re safe,” said Nepenthes.

        Deeply moved by Nepenthes’s affection, Rose held him in her arms. Nepenthes held her back, but his frown didn’t ease. He began to worry when he flashed back to the image of the arsenal cave.

        “I can’t believe that Papaver was plotting to take Mother Tree. This is gonna put the whole Plantdom at stake. I gotta report that to the king!”