Because of the perish of Draco, the devastated Auriga disapproved his worthiness of the astralist power. He stopped using the power ever since then, and stopped helping mortals either. Even when he became aware of the war between the Courts of Zodiacs and the gods, he decided to sit back and be an ordinary driver riding his carriage. Yet the astralist would lead him back to his track eventually…

        “This is… the fading of the astralist power!” Auriga saw this sign when he was looking at the volcano nearby, where a well-known blacksmith shop was located.

        “Let’s stop by there. I’ve never been there anyway.”

        Auriga droved all the way to the woods next to the volcano. Some noise suddenly sounded within the brushes, drawing him to find out——

        “Why am I so cursed that I could find a body just by wandering around? No… Did he die for me?... Loser like me shouldn’t exist——”

        “I, I ain’t dead yet, shut up… Ouch!” Galio, the man lying on the ground, interrupted Auriga then passed out.

        “This man possesses the astralist power… But it’s running out. He’s dying…” Auriga said and scratched his head out of frustration, making his hair even messier.

        “She would’ve shared her astralist power to him… Alright!” Auriga thought. With his eyes closed, he tried to summon the astralist that hadn’t been summoned for quite a while. When the power flowed through his vain, that feeling was so soothing like returning to mother’s brace. He placed his hand on Galio’s right chest to transfuse the astralist power, bringing Galio back from the critical state.

        “He’s alright now, but I gotta treat his wounds as soon as possible.” Auriga then carried Galio to a tree next to a lake. He cleaned Galio’s blood stains away, and bandaged him. But the clumsy Auriga accidentally wrapped his right arm together, doubling the treatment time. That was also when Galio woke up with confusion.

        “This is the astralist power… Are you also one of the Court of Zodiac?” Galio asked.

        “Me? No, no. I’m just a nobody. I’m glad that you’re ok now. I need to go——huh? Why are you grabbing my hand?" Auriga tried to fool Galio, but he was shocked by Galio’s sudden gesture.

        “Carriage… The astralist once told me that the reason why he became an astralist was because of someone’s refusing. And that person rides a carriage to travel around… So is that you?”

        “Boohoo… Why am I so cursed? Among all the Courts of Zodiacs I could run into, but why does it have to be the Court of Leo…” Auriga struggled to break free out of despair, but Galio was too strong to fight with.

        “The Courts of Zodiacs are attacked by the gods. Why aren’t you helping?” Galio confronted him.

        “They’re too strong! It won’t change a thing even if I help! Not to mention that I could make it even worse!”

        “You——watch out!” Galio alerted Auriga as an earth element sphere was striked suddenly. Galio shielded Auriga with his body.

        “Whoa!” The hit ripped Galio’s wound open again, causing an extensive blood loss. Auriga almost cried for what he witnessed was killing him.

        “Why did you protect a loser like me? You’re severely wounded already…” he yelled inside his mind.

        Finally found you, Galio. You won’t be escaping this time!” Athena, an armored woman, said as she walked out of the woods.

        “What did you do to Hephaestus?” Galio confronted Athena emotionally.

        “Humph! I took that foolish blacksmith back to Heaven. You’re helpless now!”

        The furious Galio grabbed his weapon and stood up, but he stumbled because of the injury.

        “I’ll hold her off. By that time, grab the chance and leave,” he whispered at Auriga.

        “You can’t win this fight. She’ll kill you. Let’s run together!” Auriga tried to persuade him to leave.

        “No. Maybe I’ll die, but there’s something that you must insist even if you stand no chance to win.”

        Galio pushed Auriga’s hand off then struck fiercely at Athena.

        “Why can he be so devoted and courageous? Astralist, please enlighten me. What should I do?” Auriga prayed for guidance as he looked up at the sky. Just one moment and the cloudy sky miracally turned sunny, as if it were answering to his prayer.

        “I see my obligation clear now!”

        Meanwhile the severely wounded Galio was overpowered by Athena, and she seized the chance to wield her spear; Galio instantly jumped back to dodge the attack. Just when he thought he had managed, Athena conjured the elemental power at the tip, forming an extended spearhead to stab him in the abdomen——

        Dang! A figure wrapping in fire element took the hit from Athena then blasted her away with a stronger power. She landed with an unbelievable expression.

        “You… you’re the Court of Zodiac… No, you’re even stronger...” Athena murmured.

        “I’m a constellation blessed by the astralist. I shine for the peace of this realm,” the determined Auriga said to Athena righteously, and he continued, “I will not tolerate any beings who try to break the world’s balance, not even the sacred gods!”

        Then was the moment when the clouds dispersed and the constellation of Auriga sparkled again!

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