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        The stars of Aquarius shone on a mountain where numerous heavy stone blades laid in pairs and an ordered manner. Legend had it that if one could manipulate the weapons, he would be favored by the astralists and could succeed as the Court of Aquarius. However, those weapons made of stone were as heavy as shackles, that no one could ever persist until the astralists appeared.

        Carrie, who was born into a tribe fond of martial arts, was gifted with unusual strength since birth. She often clenched furniture into dust and even injured her playmate unintentionally. Although Carrie and her friend were forced to separate, they made a promise of reuniting in the future as warriors. Carrie was sent to the mountains of Aquarius, where she began training with those heavy stone blades until she could put her strength into good use.

        Practising under the stars of Aquarius, Carrie learned martial arts from the warriors waiting for the descendant of the astralists. Although Carrie never forgot her best friend while she was undergoing her training, her overwhelming strength did not allow her to writing to him with a pen. She could only engrave her feelings on the slates, which she would push down the cliff, as if she had already posted them off. ‘Dear Aquarius, I must become a powerful warrior, and he has to be stronger than I am...’

        Carrie had been waving the heavy blades, sparring with various martialists with them day by day... As time washed away her wounds, the letters she inscribed on the slates also sound less nostalgic and gradually became the records of her training. Meanwhile, the recognition Carrie received from the other warriors had alleviated her sadness. She concealed the childhood promise deep down her heart, only recalling it occasionally. Young Carrie soon became a first-class warrior and was praised for her martial skills by all the other warriors in the mountains. Her way of waving the stone blades was swift and smooth, that the blades would strike as hard as boulders do. Everyone believed that Carrie would be the next selected by the astralists and become the Court of Aquarius.

        ‘Waving the blades as swift as water, as silent as shadows.’