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        Just as what Cassandra had said, the battle horns were blown in every corner of the world. Weapon in the hand, the people held on to their faith resolutely, fighting in the widespread never-ending battles. The Trojans started to recall the prophecy told by Cassandra, and flocked into the temple to beg for forgiveness. Cassandra did not blame them. Instead, she was more concerned with how to keep the people away from battles.

        “Our prophet, we sincerely ask you to guide us, the children of God of the Sun. Show us how to conquer our enemy without putting ourselves at risk!”

        “I’ll tell you everything I see. But please do not use the prophecy to fight. Let the strong men retreat from the battlefield and help the women and children escape to a safe place.”

        “Our prophet, it is very kind of you to advise us. But this is our home, and only we can save our homeland. With your help, this is already the safest place!”

        Though Cassandra did not agree, she could only keep her promise. At first, the people still had doubts, and did not commit fully to preparing for what she had foretold. As the days went by, the prophecies came true one by one. It was not until then did they start to trust the prophecies of Cassandra with absolute certainty. Yet, even when they dealt with the prophecies seriously, without exception, they still could not escape the fate indicated in them. No matter how hard they tried to alter the fate, it would always lead them back to the gloomy ending described by Cassandra.

        Cassandra continued to foretell deaths one after another, which once again had the people’s reverence of her turned to mere terror. They dreaded hearing the names of their relatives from her. As this was a time of turmoil amidst the chaotic war of Gods, Cassandra's prophecies were all of death. Because of this, she began to blame herself for lacking the ability to intervene despite her powers of prophecy.

        “Cassandra, I have already warned you in the beginning...” Apollo shook his head and sighed upon hearing Cassandra’s weeping.

        “Apollo, my Lord, would you please shed light on my path?”

        “I shall take your prophecy back so that you will no longer need to worry about this.”

        “No! My Lord, please don’t! The prophecy actually helps alleviate the people’s suffering!”

        “I bless you wholeheartedly, my priestess...” After that, Apollo ascended back to heaven, leaving Cassandra behind, wailing in solitude.