Felix sneaked into the Spiritual Civilization to steal the Ancestral Elements to finish his job from Nightfall Savant, who had turned Felix into a cat in the process. Nightfall Savant promised to turn Felix back into a human if he brought back the Ancestral Elements. After spending a while with the Spiritual Beasts, Felix changed his mind about stealing the Elements.. He decided to pretend to obey Nightfall Savant until he could defeat him. At last, he defeated Nightfall Savant with the help of the Spiritual Beasts. Later, the Spirtual Civilization was rebuilt thanks to Mufasa's great leadership. Felix believed he had done enough and did not intend to stay any longer, so he quit and followed his own ways to protect the tribe and Basti.

        ‘Boss, we’ve got movement.’ Felix woke up from snoozing after Charon, a Mercenaries member, reported to him. Felix peeked from a corner and saw a group of people looking around cautiously. They helped a man in a tiger cloak off the carriage. They flipped the rag on the carriage and moved cages into it one after another. Felix took a closer look and noticed the cages were carrying the children of Spiritual Beasts! ‘I knew this kind of secret trading existed, but I did not expect it to be on such large scale..’ Felix frowned, thinking this operation was going to be tougher than he had imagined. ‘Boss, what do we do now?’ ‘Head back first! We’ll come up with something later.’

        After leaving the Spiritual Civilization, Felix looked for kidnapped Spiritual Beasts whenever he had spare time after work. He heard that a company was trading animals that could speak as a business. It reminded him of the Spiritual Beasts. Consequently, he began to investigate it secretly with the other Mercenaries members. At last, he managed to locate the company. Felix had intended to rescue them without alerting the guards, but most of the victims were just children and there were too many. Rescuing them silently was impossible. Felix checked how many coins his Mercenaries had and smiled confidently. ‘I’ve got a plan.’

        He grabbed a bag of coins and drank a potion mixed by Blair. Afterward, he turned back into human slowly.

        ‘How long does it last?’ Felix looked at his own face in the mirror carefully.

        ‘Only about half a day! You body is almost immune to herbal effects. Bear with it!’ said Blaire as she turned around and left. Felix said to himself bitterly, ‘I don't even know who's the boss anymore’ ‘Are you sure about disguising yourself as a buyer? What if the effect wears off in the middle of trading? You might never see us again.’ ‘Exactly. You know Blaire and her potions…’ Frast and Nero could not help worrying, but Felix only smiled and said, ‘Don’t worry. I won’t fail.’

        ‘Felix walked up to a tent at the end of the ally carrying the coin bag. Two men guarding the tent stood in his way. Felix smiled and said, ‘I’m here to trade.’ ‘This is not a place for trading.’ “I know there are interesting ‘toys’ in the tent. Or does your leader just hates my money?’ Felix shook his coin bag. Moments later, a female voice came from the tent, ‘Let him in.’ The men stepped away as Felix entered the tent.

        The stench of animals attacked Felix’s nose as he walked into the tent. It took a few moments for him to get used to the smell, which was the proof that the Spiritual Beasts were hidden somewhere near. ‘What do you want to trade from me?’ Felix stepped up to her, laid down his coin bag and said, ‘The talking peculiar creatures, of course!’ The woman counted the coins calmly. As she finished, she smiled at Felix, ‘Considering how rare they are, I’m afraid this is not quite enough…’ Felix leaned over and stared into her eyes, saying, ‘That’s unfortunate. What you’re looking at here is all I’ve got. Won’t you lower the price for a bit?’ ‘If you stay with me, I’ll give it some thought…’ As the woman leaned towards Felix, a man went into the tent nervously and whispered into her ear. She yelled furiously, ‘Humpgh! Those dang animals!’ Then she remembered Felix was still there and smiled bitterly. ‘I’ve got something urgent to deal with. Please bear with me for a moment.’ ‘Okay, no problem.’

        Felix sneaked after her as she left the tent. As he expected, she was headed towards the place where the Spiritual Beasts were caged. The cages had burn marks all over them, but the Spiritual Beasts were already gone. ‘Follow their footprints.They can’t run far! Bring them back!’ The woman screamed hysterically, and her servants went away carrying some weird medicine powder and hounds. Felix crouched down to inspect the footprints, and instantly recognized the owner. He thought irritatedly, ‘That troublemaker! I have to find her before they do.’

        Felix sprinted on the walls and roofs easily. Suddenly, he heard hounds barking somewhere near! He walked towards the noises and saw Basti hiding the children of Spiritual Beasts behind her. She had nowhere to go. As Basti intended to gather dark elemental power, one of the servant scattered some yellow powder over Basti and the children. Moments later, they fell asleep…

        ‘At least we’ve managed to get a few back! Otherwise, we’d end up-’ Before he could finish the sentence, Felix jumped off the roof and landed on him, knocking him out instantly. As the other servants gawked at Felix, he taunted them by saying, ‘Come at me! I haven’t got all day.’ The servants all charged at Felix at once. Felix smiled fearlessly and leapt at them. After Felix had defeated every enemy, the hounds dispersed, running for their lives.. He ran up to Basti nervously but found out she and the children were just sleeping. He was relieved that they had not get hurt.

        Felix brought Basti and the children to a river close to the tribe. He gazed at her sleeping face and became fascinated. ‘Boss, the other Spiritual Beasts are safe now.’ Hong Yue’s voice brought back Felix’s attention. He replied, ‘Good. Time to leave.’ As he turned around, he heard Basti murmuring, ‘Felix...Don’t go…’ He looked at her anxiously and figured she was just sleep-talking, ‘Idiot Felix...Ah-choo!’ Felix smiled and draped his coat over her. He said, ‘You’re the idiot.’

        After Felix signaled Mufasa to bring Basti back by launching a light ball in the sky, he left with his members quietly.

        ‘Why don’t you talk to her?’ asked Faust.

        ‘It’s not time yet.’ answered Felix casually.

        Felix would not stay in the Spiritual Civilization until all of its threats were eliminated one day. He forced himself to become the “darkness” to protect Basti and the tribe living in the “light”. Only darkness could swallow darkness.

        ‘Off we go! We won’t stop until we find Nightfall Savant!’ ordered Felix. The Mercenaries’ airship continued to float across the realm...

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