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        The cats arrived at his mansion for the rescue mission of Ali Baba. Unfortunately, Mellow and Zero splitted up with other team members when they fell into a trap. They went through the underground slideway to a refuse room, where they found a group of blind purebred cats.

        “Meow...I lost my eyes. I’ll never see again...” a shorthair cats cried miserably inside the garbage cart.

        “Not really. We know a cat who has remarkable medical skills. I believe he can help. Mm, it’s about time. He should be joining us in the mansion very soon,” Mellow said on the Zero’s shoulders with a know-it-all look.

        “But our eyes are all turned into crystals...stored in a laboratory...meow...”

        At this moment, Ghostie approached Mellow without a single noise. “I found some drag marks stretching along the way from the garbage cart!” she whispered next to Mellow.

        Startled by Ghostie, Mellow almost fell off from Zero’s shoulders. Luckily, Zero got her from falling in time. She followed the marks and the lead disappeared in front of a door. “Well done, Ghostie! Follow the trail and we’ll find the laboratory and get their eyes back,” said Mellow.

        Ghostie was thrilled for being complimented by Mellow. She ran toward Mellow excitedly, pointing her own head with her paw. Mellow got the meaning and petted her as a reward. Ghostie, dancing with joy, began to move the cart that carried the pedigreed cats to their destination.

        They dragged the cart and followed the trail to a basement. An unlocked room located at the end of the basement.

        Choux took the lead to go inside. The first thing she saw was those research sketches written all over the walls and floor. As she was about to tell Mellow they were in the laboratory, a siren was triggered. “Beep! No odor detected! No odor detected! Intruders alert!”

        Thick smoke was released from everywhere in the basement as the alarm was triggered, choking the cats to cough. Mellow covered her nose with her tail and said, “hold your breath!”

        The others also covered their noses with tails immediately. However, this situation could not stay long. Mellow recalled the sound when the alarm was triggered, “No odor detected? I heard that Cullinan has body odor...So the alarm detects intruders by the presence of scent?”

    he enlightened Mellow told Zero to open the garbage cart to release the noxious smell. Soon, the siren was triggered again as it detected the scent in the air. “Beep! Identity confirmed!”

        The intoxicating smoke stopped coming out in the basement. A strong wind blew in gusts. As it faded away, a secret door in the laboratory opened slowly...