Cateua and Ravniss were siamese twins when they were born, but, fortunately, a goddess separated them with the gentle power of water elements, so that they were conjoined by water elements instead. Due to the power they possessed, the two became the most outstanding Tide Riders even at a very young age, guarding the entire ocean together with their companions.

        Although Cateua and Ravniss are twins, their characters were totally different: Cateua was as brutal as the raging sea; Ravniss was as gentle as rolling waves. When the two are together, Ravniss could always calm Cateua down, and Cateua would always lead the way for Ravniss when she hesitated. It seemed that the two were in sync, complementing the weaknesses of each other.

        However, the Demons’ invasion triggered the inner brutality of Cateua. When the Tide Riders were defending the attacks of the Demons in a chaotic battle, the desire to fight within Cateua grew endlessly and Ravniss was unable to change the thoughts of her younger sister. The water element became manic. It used Cateua’s trident as a vessel, reaping every single life on the battlefield, no matter they are enemies or not.

        Ravniss gradually separated her mind from Cateua’s. She discovered that Cateua had gone mad. Although there were no longer enemies on the battlefield, Cateua was still swinging her trident, Her target this time were their companions! This left Ravniss with no choice. She swiftly went to the back of Cateua and knocked her out with the blade of her sword. Then, they left the battlefield with the aid of water elements.

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