To become Strelitzia’s one and only, Rosemellow poisoned Sakura, Strelitzia’s crush, to coma. After the incident, Rosemellow had been standing by the devastated Strelitza. This time, Strelitzia finally acknowledged her effort. Just when Rosemellow thought she had her, things went sideways again.

        This day, Strelitzia said that she’d like to introduce an elf who had saved her earlier. After waiting for a while, the anxious Rosemellow saw Strelitzia lead a hooded female-elf into the room.

        “Papaver, we’re safe here. You can take off your cloak now.”

        “Okay,” said Papaver alluringly. She took off the hood, revealing her captivating face.

        “Nice to meet you.” Papaver smiled at Rosemellow.

        Rosemellow nodded coldly in return, creating a great contrary to Papaver’s ardour. During the meeting, Strelitzia catered to Papaver enthusiastically, which drove Rosemellow insane again.

        “Why is there another obstacle? First Sakura, and now this Papaver? And she’s a filthy outcast! She’s obviously not good enough for Strelitzia!”

        Papaver left the palace before sunset to avoid suspicion. Looking at the obsessed Strelitzia, Rosemellow couldn’t hold her jealousy back anymore.

        “You can’t see her again! What would the other elves say if your secret affair is exposed?” Rosemellow dragged Strelitzia back to the room and warned.

        “I don’t care about what they say. Elves outside the enchantment are just the same as we do. You saw how brilliant Papaver was too.”

        “She’s just a filthy descendant of criminal! She can’t be trusted!”

        Irritated, Strelitzia pushed Rosemellow away and pulled out her sword, cutting loose few inches of her hair.

        “Ahh!” The scared Rosemellow stumbled on the floor, while Strelitzia scowling at her.

        “If you ever insult Papaver again, I won’t be just cutting your hair off!”

        Strelitzia stormed out while Rosemellow sat on the floor weeping. Her heart was shattered like shreds of hair on the floor.

        “No...Don’t go...Please look at me...I just want you to take a look at me…” She murmured in tears.

        “Alright then. I’ll get rid of her like what I did to Sakura!”

        Grabbing the hair, Rosemellow swore to herself; Later on, she led a dozen of soldiers out of the enchantment, raiding Papaver when she was alone.

        “Didn’t expect that it was me who got ambushed this time,” said Papaver, taunting at Rosemellow.

        “What are you talking about?” Rosemellow was confused.

        “What happened to Strelitzia earlier was part of my plan, so that I can save her and win her trust...So Rosemellow, how can I help you?”

        “I need to protect her reputation! The princess cannot have any connection with criminals like you! Kill her now!”

        At her command, the soldiers raised the weapons, targeting at Papaver; at the same time, more elves came out of cover and killed all the soldiers, turning the tide in the blink of an eye. When the restrained Rosemellow was brought to Papaver, she tilted the captive’s chin with a grin.

        “Do you really think that I’d walk in the woods empty-handed?”

        “You win this one. Just cut the crap and kill me now!”

        “No. I ain’t gonna kill you, Rosemellow. I know what you desire. Work with me.” Papaver paused and leaned close to her, whispering in an almost unhearable volume, “I can make you have Strelitzia. You know I’m capable of that.”

        “I’ll work with the devil as long as I can make her look at me!”

        Holding that thought, Rosemellow had a deal with Papaver and provided the intel she needed. Later on, Papaver convinced Strelitzia to let her and the other outcasts join the Century Feast of Plantdom.

        This morning, Strelitzia utilized her authority as the princess to smuggle the outcasts disguised in maids. As everything went well under Rosemellow’s arrangement, the three elves took a break in Strelitzia’s room.

        “Papaver, you’ll be able to meet the Mother Tree very soon. By that time, I’ll make the request of bringing the outcasts back into the enchantment.”

        “Thank you so much. I’m touched.”

        Papaver knelt before Strelitzia all of a sudden. Holding a glass, she said genuinely, “I only have a very little thing to return your favour. Please accept our signature wine as a token of gratitude.”

        “You don’t have to do that. I’m just following the creed from our ancestors to share everything with everyone…Alright. I’ll accept your gratitude.” Strelitzia took the glass in order to stop Papaver from kneeling.

        When the glass was emptied, she held it upside down and said, “look, I drank them all...Why’s everything spinning…”

        Getting up, Papaver went towards the exit and said to Rosemellow, “I’ve honored our promise. She’s all yours now. Excuse me.”

        “Wait…” The drugged Strelitzia failed to catch Papaver and stumbled onto the floor. Meanwhile, Rosemellow came over and put Strelitzia on her lap.

        “R-Rosemellow...What…” Defeated by the drowsiness, Strelitzia tried to reach Rosemellow but she was completely paralyzed.

        “I want you so bad that I can give up my conscience for you. I’ve already got us a home outside the enchantment, and we’ll be living happily ever after in there. Just you and I, Strelitzia.”

        The smile on Rosemellow was so sweet, as if it was about to drip honey. Yet the honey was mixed with venom...

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