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        A white bird was flying in front of Yuanshi Tianzun, who sat in the palace. He reached out his hand to let the bird land on it. In a moment, it was coated with an azure light and turned into blue glitters. The voice of Giemsa was sent via the air:
        “Khaos is leading the Gods to absorb the elemental power in the realm through the Enochian Tower. Now, the Zodiacs are at war with them…”
        “At war...someone had fought so hard to stop the Gods before,” Yuanshi Tianzun pondered.
        A flash of memories emerged in his mind. He started recalling the past…
        It was late at night. All the Xian were asleep, except a blue-haired girl walking in the Heavenly Kingdom. Her eyes were cold, but filled with anger. When she was about to step out of the heaven, a stream of water stood in the way——
        “Giemsa, where are you going?” The water was transformed into Yuanshi Tianzun.”
        “...Phoenix is dead. I have to carry his belief to stop the Gods,” she said determinedly. Giemsa tried to bypass him, but an aqua wall was conjured to block the way. Yuanshi Tianzun came over and found her weeping.
        “I understand your pain, but our power is not enough. You’ll just get yourself killed.”
        “...What can we do then?” Giemsa was choked with sobs. She seldom revealed her emotional side in front of the others. Obviously, Phoenix’s death was a great shock for her.
        “To deal with the Gods, we need to team up with more people who have the common belief…” Yuanshi Tianzun looked at her and said earnestly, “Phoenix managed to send this message to you even though he was dying. Do you really want to let him down?”
        “No…” Giemsa bit her lips to bleed; the heat within the blood added flames into her will, just like the power of Phoenix. Anger in her eyes had fortified her determination.
        “I’ll wait, until the will of Phoenix lights up again!”
        Since that day, Giemsa did what Yuanshi Tianzun told her, accepted the delegation of Zeus and became a keeper of the heaven. She reported the information about the Gods to Tianzun from time to time while waiting for the right person to show up. Yuanshi Tianzun had been preparing for the battle with Xian these days, waiting for the right time to bring the Gods down once and for all…
        Back to the present, Giemsa’s voice was echoing through the air - “The power of the Gods is stronger than I expected. The Zodiacs need your help now...This is the time.”
        With a wave of his hand, Jiang Ziya led the other Xian to the palace.
        “The time has come. Let’s go to help the Zodiacs!” Yuanshi Tianzun set off towards the realm of heaven while Tongtian Jiaozhu stayed with other Xian to protect the Heavenly Kingdom. A hard and tough battle awaited ahead, and the fate of the realm and Humans was on their hands.