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        “The "Taiji" creates yang and yin; the two forms stand revealed. By the transformations of the yang and the union of the yin, the 5 elements are produced, thereby occur 4 seasons, and ultimately the 8 trigrams.”
        “Master, I don't understand.”
        “Everything begins with its limitless state, my disciple.”
        Taishang Laojun always reminded himself of the master's enlightenment. Master had two other senior disciples; he doted on them very much. At that time, Taishang Laojun thought his master showed less care about him by only teaching several mantra, nothing more. Now he had become the Celestial Supremacy, and he was so naive to have such misunderstanding in the past. Master actually reckoned Taishang Laojun was a genius. He was capable of creating his own path with minimal teachings.
        Since he was delegated to observe the Zodiacs, he had encountered an interesting girl, who was always with him every day.
        Taishang Laojun could not take his eyes off this tough, pink-haired girl sleeping in his arms. He wore a smile, and memories started emerging in his mind again…
        “I'm Court of Aries...”
        “Why can't I go? I'm one of the Zodiacs...”
        “Promise me to come back...”
        “I want to be with you, even though I'll die...”
        The girl came, not for the Gods, not for the Zodiacs, but for him. She put her life at stake, stepping into this battle. Surrounded by the Demons, Taishang Laojun picked up the sword and shield, and held her in his left arm. He stood up and gave a taunting hand gesture to the Demons, who were immediately provoked.
        He knocked a demon flying with a palm, who then bashed into the enemies in the rear. Then, Taishang Laojun took a dozen of Demons down with "Chi" at great speed. Suddenly, a howl of rage sent to his ears. A giant troll swung its maul at him; he diverted the attack away with "Chi", and stroke back with a roundhouse kick. The heavy maul dropped to the ground, giving out a deafening noise. Taishang Laojun drew a circle with his right arm, and sent the maul flying with a palm to wipe out all the demons who stood in the way. Breaking the line of besiegers, he escaped with a sneer.
        “You’re way too weak to confront me. Lü Bu! I swear to kill you!!” Taishang Laojun carried the girl and left.

        “Start with Wuji; End with Taiji. This is my martial arts. No one is comparable with me in the world,” said Taishang Laojun, the Celestial Supremacy.