Izanagi hid the book in a box to make sure no one would ever touch or read it again. To his surprise, Izanami later read the book to help her give birth to Kagutsuchi! He wanted to blame her, but Kagutsuchi would not have lived if not for the black magic. He solemnly warned Izanami, ‘Promise me that’d be the last time we ever touch black magic.’ Izanami became more caring and reliable after the birth of Kagutsuchi. Years later, they met Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susanoo. Izanami suggested taking care of them as disciples and they continued their journey of practice.
        On a freezing night, Izanagi and Izanami were assigned to exorcise a youkai at a manion. Izanagi entered the mansion and drew a magic circle on the ground. He performed several mandras and lay his hands on the circle. As the mansion glowed in green light, a humongous youkai stepped out of the kitchen. Knowing it was no match for Izanagi, it strode to the door. ‘Dang it!’ Izanagi remembered Izanami was waiting at the door. He immediately ran after the youkai.
        At the door he found Izanami held hostage. He gathered energy, preparing to attack, but it squeezed her neck harder as a warning. Her face contorted in pain. While Izanagi racked his brain for a way to save her, her body emitted purple light with a subtle mist. The youkai released her and maniacally lacerated its own throat as if it was suffocating on something. Moments later, the youkai fell and evaporated into a black mist...Izanami’s purple light faded away. Izanagi had a lot of questions, but he did not ask. ‘Nami, you okay?’ Dazed for a moment, she replied, ‘I-I’m fine.’ She smiled to Izanagi. Uncertainty baffled him, but he did not pursue the matter any further. She seemed so familiar but so different.
        Ever since then, Izanagi became suspicious of Izanami. He decided to find out what she was hiding. One night, he felt the blanket move. It was Izanami getting out of bed. After she left the room, he went after her. He diluted his spiritual energy with a fulu to achieve perfect stealth. He followed her to a hovel filled with evil energy. Izanagi remembered; it belonged to the spells written in the book of black magic!
        Izanagi told himself to trust Izanami, but the closer he moved towards the hovel, the more the youkai energy amplified shaking his faith. He gently opened the door, and found Izanami absorbing the purple mist gushing out of the book! He immediately cast a spell to shut off the book. Izanami turned around and asked coldly, ‘You followed me?’ ‘You promised not to touch black magic again.’ ‘When did you notice?’ ‘You promised not to touch black magic again!’ Izanagi never yelled at her before. He could not believe she broke the most unforgivable taboo as an onmyoji.
        ’Give it to me.’ Izanagi spread his palm. ‘Are you going to burn it?’ Izanami hugged the book. Her obsession with black magic left him speechless. He wished he had burned the book to oblivion in the first place. Izanami knew what he was going to do and hugged the book tighter, "You don’t get it. It’s not what you called ‘black magic’. It’s a chance to grant the world redemption." ‘It has muddled your mind! Immortality and unlimited power aren’t the answers to redemption.’ When Izanagi stepped towards her, she launched a dark energy ball at him! The unexpected attack left him no time to dodge. His injured arm started to bleed…
        He gawked at her; she had become someone else to him. She swaggered to him and pointed a glowing finger at his forehead, ‘I thought you would understand.’ Suddenly green light appeared beneath Izanami. He threw his beads at her and murmured spells, trying to seal her into a kekai. ‘You…!’ ‘Black magic does not belong in this world.’ He had almost successfully sealed her into the kekai, but their happy memories in the past made him hesitate for a second. Izanami took the opportunity to break through the kekai and launched another blow at him! When the clouds of dust had spread out, Izanami was already gone.
        Izanagi returned to Kagutsuchi’s room to check on him and he found Izanami taking Tsukuyomi and Kagutsuchi with her. Amaterasu and Susanoo entered the room nervously, ‘Master! What’s happening? Mistress said she had no option but to leave, so did Tsukuyomi and Kagutsuchi!’ Izanagi had not recovered from the last blow inflicted by Izanami. Neither Kagutsuchi nor Tsukuyomi had the slightest intentions of staying. Izanagi said, ‘You’ll regret this.’ ‘I never regret my decisions.’ The three of them disappeared into the dark. Izanagi crouched, hugging Amaterasu and Susanoo. His tears dropped on their faces...

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