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        In a deserted village, a young couple was in a rush leaving the place. The youth kept an eye on his bag, as if it was treasure of some sort; the lady walked beside him. Suddenly, the youth was stumbled by something, and his bag almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, the lady caught it in time.

        “Em…” He was not tripped over by a thing, but actually a man. That man let out a weak moan. Scrawny, shabby clothes, chapped skins with dirt, all these traits simply made him more fearsome.

        The youth stood up and scolded. “You bastard! I almost drop my food to the ground. Get lost! Don’t lie in the middle of the road!”

        Then, he kicked the man in the stomach, who curled up after feeling pain. As the youth was about to continue, the lady stopped him right away.

        “Hold on! He is Indra.”
        “Indra...Did his wife and son just die of spontaneous combustion last week?” The youth controlled his anger.

        “Hm? The chaps on his body...It’s the symptom of spontaneous combustion. Judging from the severity, it’s already at terminal stage...Sigh…” The youth shook his head and left with his wife.

        After the encounter with the youth, Indra slightly opened his eyes, gazing at a high mountain from afar. His consciousness finally started working.

        “...I’m going to die anyway. Why not pick a beautiful place to end it...That mountain seems fit…” Indra staggered along the road, step by step, walking towards the peak with his heavy body.

        At the start, Indra thought the journey was too much for him. With unbearable pain in his legs, every step simply made him suffer, gasping for breath. However, as the muscles began to adapt to the environment, his stamina could even last a day without taking any rest.

        This physical workout made Indra forget the sorrow in the past. At this moment, his entire focus was on the journey. He kept walking until he reached the destination. Few days later, he finally made it.

        The mountain was rugged and steep. Gravel on the path had scratched his feet. Compared with the physical pain, Indra was surprised by some new feelings he experienced.

        “The air is exceptionally fresh here. The breeze is just amazing. Even the crimson light reflected by the sky is such adorable. What a beautiful world.”

        He was moved by the beauty of the realm. All sorts of emotions were surging within. The satisfaction filled his heart, which made him smile, and laugh. Indra had already forgotten when was the last time he actually burst into laughter. But at this time, it seemed he wanted to make up for his long-lost laughter in the past, so he chuckled for a whole day.

        The pleasure did not last long. When Indra arrived at the mountainside, he was tired out. Then, he sat on a rock, looking at the scenery below the hill——nothing but a deserted land.

        Indra started recalling the miserable death of his wife and son. The cries, the smell of burning flesh and the moment when they became ashes, all these memories were so vivid. He could never forget the fear lingering in his son’s eyes during the combustion.

        “Why...he’s just five years old...Does he really deserve this miserable end? How cruel…” Indra was in tears; he knelt down, grabbing the dirt with both hands. All of a sudden, his fingertip started burning, and the hot feeling was spreading over the body.

        “Soon, I’ll become ashes, just like everybody, just like my wife and son...” His face became ferocious. Indra rolled on the ground, trying to put out the flames on him, but it was in vain. Fire was getting violent. His arms began to melt and veins were exposed.

        “No! I don’t want to die! I don’t! Bastard! I curse you! I curse this damn world!” Giving a roar of rage, Indra coughed up blood. He fell down; fire had already spread to his face. Tears were blurring his eyes.

        At this moment, a red flower, with its size similar to finger pulp, was blooming in front of him. The beauty of which let Indra forget the fear of death.

        “Beautiful. I hate this world for sure, but why does everything look so beautiful?”

        Indra, at his very last moment, tried to imprint the beauty of the flower in his mind. “It’s because of love. I love this cruel world,” he said with a smile.

        Then, his body was as light as a feather, ascending to the sky, gradually turning into a spirit form. It was like an out-of-body experience. Indra looked at his own physical body from above, but he found something unusual. His entire body was transparent, just like glass; nodes, nerves, vessels became visible. There was a crimson prana covering his body, causing it to burn.

        “So this red prana is the reason why we’re burning...No, it’s not evil. This energy just want to enter our body, but we reject it. Then, it has been attaching to our skin. And it becomes chapped because our tissue is too fragile. Finally, it burns.”

        Closing his eyes, Indra opened his arms and relaxed his body. Every cell, every node was opened to absorb the red prana flowing within. Then, it split into 7 colors, getting through the energy channels powerfully. Eventually, the prana opened up his root chakra, sacral chakra, navel chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra.

        Indra could feel enormous newborn vitality circulating all over the body. When he opened his eyes, the flames were all quenched within a second. Reborn as a higher form, he got rid of prejudice against the world. “I can feel it. The prana fills my body, opens up the chakras, as the root of all things. The Chakra Theory, is the key to enlightenment. I shall hand it to the right person.”