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        Skogul was nervously giving a military strategy briefing to the generals as usual when a memory suddenly surfaced in her mind.

        ‘Sis, even if we cannot stay away from the war, we don’t have to listen to Odin’s orders.”

        “Odin? Who freaking cares anyway! I’ll just chase after those Demons and thrust at their rear ends!”

        “We attack the Demons’ rear ends... ugh! We sneak attack the Demons from behind, and drive them towards General Thor’s vanguard.” Skogul paused, and observed the generals’ reaction. Seeing that no one had noticed her slip up, she continued, “Once General Thor leads the vanguard charge against the Demons, we switch to defensive position and encircle them; that way, they won’t have a chance of breaking out...”

        After Skogul had finished the briefing, everyone returned to their post. It was the first time Skogul participated in a battle by the allied force side; she gingerly planned her steps, but now she seemed distracted. When she had first became a valkyrie, she had fought side by side with her sister. Yet, her sister's tenacity meant she was soon assigned to the front line. Skogul, on the other hand, had to work diligently on developing her military leadership over some years before she received her commission to the battle front.

        Just then, she was startled by a sudden slap on her butt. For a moment, she had thought her sister had returned to her. Yet, as she turned, she realized it was the military governor’s valkyries, Verthandi and Skuld. The former ecstatically wrapped Skogul in her arms in ecstasy, while the latter politely nodded her head.

        “A sneak attack at the Demons’ rear ends. What a good idea!” Verthandi delightfully said.

        “But, if the Demons advance towards you with all their strength, your troops might not be able to hold them. You should launch a threatening attack instead to smash their fighting spirits. That way, you can also prevent the Demons from concentrating their combat power, ensuring your encirclement's structural soundness...”
        Skuld’s words awakened Skogul completely, for she truly had not considered what Skuld suggested. Seeing her face pale, Verthandi stretched out her hand and pinched Skogul’s cheek.

        “Skuld is right. But, you don’t have to worry this time, for it is the thunderous Thor who is leading the vanguard! If the Demons dare facing him with their rear ends, Thor and his hammer will definitely kick their butts!”

        Skogul could not help laughing at that. Throughout her service, it was Verthandi's amiability that had ensured her continuation in her post as a valkyrie

        “Sister, let’s set off for Thor’s position.”

        Skogul waved goodbye to the duo, and then returned to her own camp, standing alone in front of a brilliant chalice. The good natured Verthandi reminded her of her sister whom she had not seen for a long time. At the moment, Geironul was stationed at another battle front far away from her; even if Skogul was at her side right now, her sister’s attention would probably be focused solely upon military matters.

        Raising her chalice, Skogul leisurely took a sip of her wine; the full and round aftertaste lingered in her mouth, then diffused into her body. Odin had granted the golden chalice to Skogul; not only could the chalice ferment divine wine, the wine that was brewed also endowed her with power. He also asked her to fight against Demons at the lead of a division formed by survivors from destroyed kingdoms. Before, even though war rampaged the realm, Skougul could still peacefully live together with her sister. Yet, this is no longer case, and this new reality disappointed her... Now, as the descendants of the royal bloodline, the two of them had to go back to the battlefield. Skogul could only strive to lead the army, doing all she could to end the war.

        ‘Don’t worry, Skogul.’ Skogul said words of comfort to herself. Looking up, she finished the divine wine. ‘I only have to wait; wait for the spring to come...’