Minerelves’ Record Story (Prequel) Ch. 4

        Inside an isolated country, there nurtured a special sort of elves. The species was called minerelf, for their body structure consisted of jewels. The nation gradually thrived under the king’s rule, and this story began at the thriving age…

        “We’ve already engaged. Why can’t I tell my students!? And he even criticized me for being too close with them...Nonsense!” In the staff office of the Minerelf Girls’ School, Rhodochrosite, the class tutor of the sophomore, was agitated as she beat the table.

        “He’s right about you. You’re close with the students.” Amethyst, the female physician of the health center, was unconcerned, trimming her nails without giving Rhodochrosite a gaze.

        The “he” they were talking about was Aquamarine, director of student affairs and also Rhodochrosite’s fiancé.

        “Isn’t our duty is to get along with the students? What is wrong with that!?”

        “Maybe...he is just jealous of the students.” Amethyst bantered as she gave a wink.

        “Huh?” Rhodochrosite rolled her eyes. “That’s impossible! A dork like him will never have this kind of thought.”

        “Over half of the girls here like Aquamarine. Only you are avoiding him, you know?” Amethyst looked at her, then shifted attention to the clock on the wall with a shocking face. “Oh no! It’s lunch time already. Talk later.”

        “Hmm? Aren’t lunching with me?”

        “Nay. The weather these days is dry and my skin is getting worse. I need a beauty sleep.” Amethyst left with a wave.

        “I’ll eat alone then.” Usually Rhodochrosite and Aquamarine would eat together. Owing to their quarrel yesterday, she could not swallow her pride, which left her no choice but to find a hidden place to eat alone.


        “Em? Who is crying?” As soon as she left the staff office, she heard someone crying——A student hiding at the stairs.

        “Are you okay,” asked Rhodochrosite with concern.

        The students, on the alert, looked at her with a pair of swollen eyes.

        “It’s okay. You can just say it out to me.” Rhodochrosite spoke softly to calm the student.

        “I...dropped my mother’s necklace in the buffer zone carelessly…”

        “Buffer zone,” asked Rhodochrosite with shock.

        The buffer zone referred to the area within 1km from the city walls. It was a deserted place with no elves living there. Sometimes ferocious beasts even wandered around the zone. Therefore, only a few elves, particularly for those who liked challenges, would sneak in.

        “How bold of you…” Rhodochrosite shook her head with a sigh. “Alright, I’ll go search with you today after school.”

        “Really?” The student turned her tears into smiles.

        “Of course. As a teacher, I won’t sit back when students are in need of help. You can count on me.” Rhodochrosite had no hesitation to help her student out regardless of Aquamarine’s lecture.

        Meeting each other at the entrance after school, they headed to the buffer zone. As Rhodochrosite saw the patrols are going far away, she signalled the student to come out quietly from the bushes.

        “The necklace should be just right there in front of us.”

        “Alright. Stay close with me.” Rhodochrosite pulled up her sleeves, walking towards the destination with fighting spirit. However, something unexpected had devastated her will——the student pushed Rhodochrosite into a deep pit from behind!

        “It hurts…” She looked up from the bottom of the pit, unbelievable to find that the student was glaring at her with hatred.

        “Why...did you do that?”

        “Once you’re gone, Mr. Aquamarine will be mine!” Then, the student left her behind after leaving this message.

        “...Is this the reason why Aquamarine didn’t want to announce our engagement publicly? No, now it’s not the time to question about this. I need to get out of here now!”

        Rhodochrosite tried to stand up but her right ankle seemed to be sprained during the fall. Although she was too painful to move, it was not the worst case yet.

        Bang! A huge noise came from the top. Then, a gigantic arthropod appeared.

        “It’s...a giant centipede.” She was stunned.

        Sensing Rhodochrosite’s presence, the hostile centipede approached to block the exit, getting closer and closer.

        “I won’t be eaten that simple!” Rhodochrosite opened her eyes, exuding with crimson light. “I’m gonna survive and marry Aquamarine!"

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