Dumuzi and his friends defeated Gilgamesh and locked him in a cage. Dumuzi invited Gilgamesh’s followers to live with them in the city, hoping to create a harmonious community.

        Chessia had been stalking Dumuzi. She jumped on a tree and stared at him, who was currently proposing new policies, and smiled, ‘Everyone needs a push to grow up.’ Fire emerged up beneath and swallowed her up. The blazing flames remolded her face and body. As the flames disappeared, Chessia’s appearance became identical to Gilgamesh. Chessia jumped down the tree and grinned. She disguised herself as Gilgamesh to persuade his followers into resistance. ‘Fighting is the only way to survive. My people will not be reduced to slaves.’

        The next morning, Gligamesh’s followers thought they dreamed of his soul.. They began to tell everyone how wonderful Gilgamesh was to gather more people into the fight. They rioted in the city and caused fires everywhere. Dumuzi brought Atrahasis and Inanna to the city to negotiate with the rioters, but their rage carried them away. A sudden explosion blew Dumuzi and Inanna in different directions..

        Clouds of dust filled the air and covered the streets. Thousands of injured people moaned for help on the ground. Chessia did not bother. As she walked to Inanna through the dust, someone grabbed her leg and begged for help. Chessia kicked his hand off and said, ‘Don’t touch me, filthy cockroach.’

        Chessia stood next to the unconscious Inanna and swept her hair off her face. Inanna moaned feeling Chessia’s gentle fingers. ‘Such a pretty face. No wonder Dumuzi and Gilgamesh went crazy for you. Unfortunately, it’s now time for you to take a break,’ said Chessia pretentiously. She gathered energy in her hands. Fire swallowed both of them up. In a blink, Chessia was now disguised as Inanna, and Inanna took the appearance of an ordinary woman…

        Chessia put on Inanna’s clothes and searched for Dumuzi in the dust. She found him struggling in pain on concrete. Chessia hobbled to Dumuzi and stood him up. He exclaimed, ‘Inanna! Are you alright?’ ‘I’m fine. Let me check on your wounds.’ Dumuzi embraced her, holding her tightly. Relief relaxed Dumuzi’s lips; Chessia grinned. Everything had gone smoother than she expected. Dumuzi did not suspect a thing.

        Inanna regained her consciousness to see ‘herself’ and Dumuzi walking to the hall together with their arms around each other. The injury made it hard for her voice to reach Dumuzi. She watched ‘herself’ and Dumuzi disappear into the distance…

After the incident, Dumuzi could not decide whether he should treat Gilgamesh’s followers as usual or execute one of them as a warning. His attendant knocked the door with something to report. Chessia nudged Dumuzi and opened the door.
‘What’s the matter?’

        ’’Your highness. Some mad woman is calling herself ‘Inanna’ and insisting to enter the hall…’’

'Get rid of her. Inflict some punishment on her. She should learn the lesson.’ Chessia grinned and closed the door. She lay on Dumuzi’s shoulder and whispered, ‘I have an idea, Darling. Would you like to know?’ ‘Yes. What is it?’ His eyes and voice filled with excitement, convincing Chessia that she was close to what she craved.

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