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    ince uniting the Orient, Shuten-dōji entrusted the kingdom to Ibarakidouji, and himself went on a journey to cultivate his powers. During his journey, he resolved various conflicts between youkais, and it was through this experience that he realized how ignorant he had been.

        Later, he arrived at a village where a cherry tree was in full bloom. Recalling the promise between himself and Kejourou, he approached the tree. Shuten-dōji’s heart ached as he watched the cherry blossoms dance through the sky; even in the end, he had not brought Kejourou here. Suddenly, he felt a familiar wave of youkai pneuma approaching! He quickly turned; in before him stood the figure for whom he longed...

        The figure which Shuten-dōji thought he could never see again was now before him. They walked slowly towards each other. Before he could say her name, surprising words came out of her mouth…

        “Why are you looking at me like that? Have we met?”

        “What are you talking about, Kyoko? It’s me, Shuten-dōji!”

        Yet, Kejourou merely looked at him with bemusement, as if their past was wiped out from her mind. Shuten-dōji was stunned; he knew that the youkai before him was undoubtedly his lover, but she was unable to recognize him. He told her every episode of their shared past, but it was no avail. Therefore, he decided to bring her to their old home, hoping to spark her memories.

        Shuten-dōji showed Kejourou the protective amulet she had previously given him: “Do you remember this?” Kejourou examined the amulet in her hand, shook her head and said, “This is exquisite! What is it?” Shuten-dōji was disappointed; even the amulet could not evoke any of her memories. Not giving up, he again handed her a musical box.

        The musical box played a soft tune as soon as she opened it, and she involuntarily immersed into the song. It was not until the music ended did her consciousness return. Still lingering in the music, she said, “What a beautiful tune... I like it a lot.”

        “You still don’t remember anything at all?”

        “I’m sorry…”

        “Try harder! You must remember something!”

        “I really don’t recall anything! Do not force me, please!”

        Feeling pushed, Kejourou turned and ran away without looking back. Shuten-dōji hurriedly followed her. Out of Shuten-dōji’s surprise, Kejourou came to the lakeside they had met.

        “Why did you come here?”

        “I’m not sure. Somehow, a voice in my head just told me to come here... Yet, I have never been here before. Why does this place feel so familiar…?”

        “We used to come here a lot. We shared a lot of memories here.” Shuten-dōji’s mind sank into the depths of his memories as he explained.

        “Maybe I can remember my past if I come often.” Kejourou looked into Shuten-dōji’s eyes, and asked after a short pause, “Would you... come here with me?”

        “If that’s what you want.”

        A smile spread across the two’s face. It suddenly dawned upon Shuten-dōji that it was no big deal even if Kejourou could not recover her memories. As long as their hearts stayed close, new memories could be created, and their love would reignite someday. As long as they could be together forever...