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        The hall shook. Gods were engaged in the pitched battle with the Summoner and his heroic spirits. Five kinds of elements crashed together, illuminating the hall. Khaos did not join the fight between the gods and the Summoner. Instead, he hit a switch and stepped inside the hall. He came down the spiral stairs descending to a peculiar gate in darkness. Khaos hesitated, and opened the gate……

        Beyond the gate was an eternally chaotic space, where only cold and emptiness lay within, nothing else existed. Khao created this space not only to test his power, but also to control the gods. If anyone broke his rules, the offenders would be sent into the endless darkness. It was how he dominated the gods - with fear and threats.

        Khaos strolled into the deepest area of the chaotic space and stopped. He looked around searching for the figure of ‘someone’. There was no up or down, only ever-lasting darkness. The sound of short pants came from the dark. A girl ran to Khaos. ‘Daddy!’ yelled the girl with a sharp voice. She threw herself into Khaos’s arms and held him tight cheek to cheek. In contrast to the girl’s excitement, Khaos kept a poker face and put her on the ground.

        ’I miss Daddy so much! I behaved myself and never left here as Daddy told me,’ Khaos stroked her head as she talked, making her smile radiantly. She held Khaos’s hands and raised her head before asking, ‘What happened, Daddy? Is something bothering you?’ Khaos ducked and looked at the girl, ‘The world is filled with bad guys. Daddy has got to wipe them out to keep you safe,’ The girl grinned in joy as she listened. Khaos continued, ‘But the bad guys who destroyed my gift for you are now trying to ruin our home. Daddy has been busy dealing with them, so I haven't had much time to visit you lately.’

        ’The chaotic space twisted and cracked, expanding and shrinking repeatedly.. The force made Khaos light-headed. He gathered god power to keep himself on his feet. Dazzling lights wrapped the girl. God power exploded inside her as she frowned in fury. ‘Those bastards! How dare they treat my daddy like that! They even destroyed Daddy’s gift for me! They’ve gone too far. I must protect our home!’ ‘ Be careful.’ The girl nodded, and left the space. Khaos smiled as he watched her disappear……

        Nyx was a ‘by-product’ born from Khaos’s overwhelming god power when he created the chaotic space. She was stronger than any of the other gods. She could easily destroy the whole of Heaven singlehandedly, so Khaos contained her in the chaotic space. As soon as her consciousness emerged, she recognized Khaos as her ‘father’. Her perceptions and values all came from Khaos. She had always been kept a secret from the other gods.

        While the Summoner and the Twelve Zodiacs were fighting gods outside the hall, an elemental power of light bombarded every person on the battlefield! Looking up, they could see the dazzling Nyx gathering god power. Light element converged in her hands……’Go away, all of you! This is me and Daddy’s home. I won’t allow anyone to ruin our lives!!’ She thrusted her hands forward to shoot out a streaming, powerful beam of energy. The Twelve Zodiacs and heroic spirits generated a massive elemental shield to nullify the intense strike;Gods quickly ran away to dodge the deadly beam.

        Most of the God Soldiers in the hall did not make it and evaporated into dust…...Aether stared at the unidentified girl and wondered, ‘Who is this girl……?’ The beam of light element damaged the Twelve Zodiacs, heroic spirits, and the Summoner even though the shield had buffered the impact. They knew the enemy was not to be underestimated…...