Sinha army, with bizarre color paints on their faces, set out towards the forest. Led by a single-eyed eunuch who carried a royal edict on his hands, the army stopped before Brahma.

        “Varuna, the king of Sinha, has heard of your exceptional skill in the art of healing. We’re here to invite you to a feast in our palace,” the eunuch said politely.

        “I heard that Sinha is a fertile land with abundant resources, not like the barren soil outside the border,” Ganesha spoke.

        “Haha, well said young boy. Our nation is a paradise,” the eunuch responded proudly. “Actually, his majesty is suffering from a weird disease that we’re not capable of healing it...So, I hope you can come with us.”

        “Sinha...I may unveil the truth of the darkness there. To show my compassion, I have to go and help him.” Then, Brahma agreed to the request and set out.

        After the forest, they stepped into a boundless desert. The wind was blowing hard, which hindered the line of sight. Suddenly, the horse gave a long neigh; Brahma and the eunuch were thrown out of the carriage. Shrouded in the sandstorm, a burly man stood in front of them.

        Taking a close look, Brahma saw his long lost apprentice. “Vishnu...Good to see you here. Since you left Rahmin, Indra has been missing you every day,” Brahma said with a smile.

        Vishnu stared at him. “If Indra were here, he would be sad!”

        “Uhm? What do you mean?”

        “Don’t play dumb with me! Varuna is an evil. He kills only for his own selfish desire. Why are you going to help him!” Vishnu was so angry that he grabbed Brahma’s arms tight.

        However, without being affected by his fury, Brahma answered calmly, “the true meaning of love is regardless of good or evil. Saving Varuna can bring happiness to people .”

        “...If you insist, then I’ll show you no mercy!”

        Taking a leap into the air, Brahma turned upside down above Vishnu, stretched his index finger and concentrated prana on the fingertip; Vishnu crouched down, got a foothold on the sand and circulated prana to his palm.

        Their bodies became transparent and shiny; different colors of chakra were flowing fast, which kept attacking each other’s energy channels. When Vishnu combined the chakras to attack his heart, Brahma blocked the strike with dark power.

        Boom! Vishnu was sent flying to a dune and fainted. Touching his chest, Brahma crept along and sat on the ground.

        “Mister, are you alright? We better hurry and not keep his majesty waiting,” the eunuch felt anxious.

        Entering the soil of Sinha, Brahma wanted to sense that deep feeling just happened in the battle again, but all he could feel was a weak yet stable heartbeat.

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