On the way searching for Ali Baba, Choux, Mellow, Ghostie and Zero had fallen into a trap and got separated from the other pals. The underground slide led them to a refuse chamber in Cullinan’s mansion…

        The stinking place was piled with bags of garbage from Cullinan’s mansion.


        “Did you hear meows?” asked Mellow, with her hands moving Zero’s head left and right to help her listen.

        Choux stayed focused by closing her eyes. She could hear a feeble meow coming from a dumpster. “Meow...It’s dark here...I can’t see anything…”

        As she was trying to open the lid with her breath held, a big fat mouse climbed up the top and said arrogantly, “squeak! How dare you break into my kingdom!”

        Curious about why she was able to understand mouse talking, Choux found that it was actually Ghostie translating its words right next to her ears stealthily.

        “Never knew that Ghostie can even do interpreting…”

        “Seriously, mouse king? You really think that a little fool like you can stand in my way——” Choux shown her razor-sharp paws, trying to bluff the mouse off. Suddenly, many pairs of glittering eyes were blinking from behind.

        Looking closely, she saw a troop of mouse crawl out of holes from all directions, assembling behind the king. “You can’t just touch anything you want to! My children, show them what you got,” Ghostie continued interpreting.

        The troop started pouncing on the cats with their sharp-pointed teeth. “Y’all are way out of my league! Eat my clay cheese!” Choux gave as good as she got.

        She held the cheese with a unique aroma, waving in the air. The aroma successfully drew their attention, even making them drool. Then she spinned the cheese; As for the mice,, they began to follow and spinned together as if they were hypnotized.

        When the rats felt giddy, Choux took out a torch to roast her cheese, and then threw at the king. “It’s supper time. Go to your papa!”

        The mouse troop and the king crashed together. And the melted cheese became so sticky that all of them were stuck to the top of the lid. Ignoring the yells and shouts of the mouse king, Choux opened the lid——

        It was overcrowded with purebred cats inside. They were in a mess like they had been abandoned for days.

        “Meow...Is anyone here...I can’t see…” Hearing something was open, the purebred cats asked as they raised their heads.

        What immediately caught Choux’s attention was that the eyes of those poor cats had tightly closed. “What happened to your eyes…?” Choux acted tough while the scene was actually breaking her heart..

        A beautiful shorthair, searching for the direction of Choux’s voice, tilted her head with a confused look. “Meow...I don’t know...One day I was having a picnic with my master. Suddenly, a group of people took a strange room. Someone shot me in the eyes...Then here I am now…”

        Other purebred cats nodded to express they had the similar situations.

        “Ali Baba and these cats are taken to this place. Is there any connection between them?” It remained a puzzle to the gang.

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