The princess killed the prince and ran away with a foreign warrior; the king was poisoned to his death. Some said that the warrior wanted to usurp the throne, while some said the adventurers were actually spies from another state...None was verified as the truth had been buried with magic in the deep forests by the unfortunate queen who was left all alone...

        People dared not complain about Circe’s doings. At first, the reason was the pain she had to bear; later, it was the fear towards the self-proclaimed queen — her trusted subordinates “was disappeared” one by one.

        “Your Majesty, please, do not let the unknown tribe stay any longer! Saying things like ‘being directed here by the dragon’s breath’, they are trying to deceive us!” A few officials who remained ignorant of the truth remained loyal to Circe, and they worried for the safety of their citizens.

        Circe read texts from the tribe and paid no attention to the official’s words. Inside the texts were written with magic Circe had never heard of; quite a number of them were related to the power of dragons. However, there was none in the tribe who could study them thoroughly. The reason they were willing to hand over the texts was that they witnessed the artifacts on Circe’s arms overflowing with power of the forests; they believed the artifacts were able to choose a rightful master.

        “Your Majesty, please reconsider. Do not repeat the past mistake of letting the adventurers...Ah! Pa, pardon me! Please forgive me!” Matters related to the adventurers were a taboo to Circe. All who mentioned them would “be disappeared”.

        “My family is no more. What mistake could I repeat?” Not expecting such a calm response, the official was rendered tongue-tied. “Tell the tribe leader to come over.” Circe ordered.

        “Please pull back to a farther place for just one night. When tomorrow comes, I will give you this land. The only condition is that all magic texts shall be my belongings. I will study them through.” Even though there was not a tone of request in Circe words, the tribe’s leader believed in the person chosen by the artifacts and thus, he led his fellows away temporarily.

        On the next day, the tribe returned but could not see any of the original citizens. Instead, they discovered numerous pigs scattering around. Circe, at the centre of the pigs, appeared especially conspicuous.

        “Experiment...succeeded...” Circe murmured.

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