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        “Miss Clara, thank you for your work.” The soldier captain said to a beautiful female soldier.

        “This is my responsibility. There is no need to thank me. Please excuse my departure.” Clara saluted before leaving.

        “Miss Clara is a beautiful lady. I don’t understand why she’s chosen to be a soldier.” Another officer said.

        “Do you realize that she’s born in an eminent family? And she’s not just a pretty face. She’s stronger than you all!” The captain mocked.

        The stunning Clara was born in a military family. Her father and brothers were vital members of the army. Since she was small, Clara was trained to be strong. After she had reached her adulthood, she joined the force and devoted herself to the country. Clara became the captain of a column at a young age.

        Taught by her eldest brother, a swordmaster, Clara’s swordsmanship was well polished. She insisted upon daily training, enhancing both her will and skill. Even though she had an attractive appearance, Clara never considered herself a lady. She believed that in a time when Gods and Demons ravaged the land, only power mattered. Later, a battle changed her life...

        That day, a Demon army raided her country, and Clara’s column was sent to the frontline. Each of the soldiers was killed but no support was sent to them, leaving Clara as the only survivor fighting on. Clara continued slashing Demons in silence. Tens...hundreds...until she exhausted. ‘I do not want to die...’ A Demon in a blue robe walked to her.

        “What a gorgeous babe. If you don’t want to my toy! Hahaha!”

        Clara was so angry that she ignored the pain from her wounds, and thrust her sword at the Demon. The Demon hastily leapt back.

        “How rude!”

        The Demon shot a blue light at Clara, prompting screams, before she realized that her body had started to shrink. Terrified, Clara found that she had already become a doll. She could not move; it was the first time she had felt the taste of fear. Just then, a tender light shone upon her; a child’s voice rang at her ears.

        “Move, run. I’ll help you...”

        Clara sensed that her limbs could move again. She hurriedly picked up her sword and jumped. She stepped on the Demons’ head and leapt from their encirclement. Now smaller, Clara had no difficulty escaping. She dashed all the way to a forest; the child’s voice guided her again. Adhering to the instructions, Clara found a little girl...

        “Clara, don’t worry. I’ll help you live.”