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        Doris and Woodbury could not triumph over the overwhelmingly powerful Nome even if they cooperated with each other. Seeing that Doris was severely injured and Alice had collapsed from power exhaustion, Woodbury decided to sacrifice herself to save her two sisters. She granted Matryoshka power and ordered her to take her sisters away from the hall of Wonderland.

        “Woodbury!” Doris’ voice reverberated in the air as Matryoshka took her away and put her inside a nesting doll. “I love you, Doris, Alice,” Woodbury said with a smile. Upon hearing these words, Nome could not help but burst into laughter: “Haha! You think your impure blood is going to help? Even your sisters who have our elegant lineage could not rival me; what do you think you have to fight against me?!” “Humph! My parents went through a lot, but they still stayed together. I have their love within me!” With that said, Woodbury conjured light elemental power and charged with her toys at Nome.

        Nome did not feel the urge to take his opponents seriously. Hamel and the tin-toy troops tried to use chains to tie up Nome’s limbs, but the heat circulating around Nome stopped them from closing in. Even Hamel herself was almost melted by the heat. Moris and Jinnie, on the other hand, used much of their power before this battle. No matter how they attacked Nome, he did not seem to feel pain and with a forceful swing of his arm, he shoved them away, who only stopped after hitting a wall. While Woodbury was still conjuring her power, Nome had already closed in and launched a fire power-imbued attack right on her abdomen!

        After consuming much of her power, Woodbury felt weak and collapsed onto the ground. When she wanted to stand up again, Nome grabbed Woodbury by her hair and lifted her into the air! Although she felt unbearable pain, she had no strength to retaliate. A smile of content spread across Nome’s face as he took a deep breath, feeling relieved as if he had successfully solved a lengthy problem: “Do you know how long I have waited for this?” On Nome’s other hand, fire elemental power gathered and formed a fireball. He moved the fireball toward Woodbury, but was surprised to see the dying Woodbury smiling, leaving him in bemusement: “You are about to die. Why are you smiling?” “I’m mocking your pathetic and lonely life...” “What?!” Woodbury’s hand suddenly shone with blinding radiance! Just as Nome thought she was trying to fight back with her light sphere, it missed Nome and went straight toward Clara. “Haha! You can’t even aim properly! Well, I’m not surprised, knowing that your blood is filthy like your elf father.” Nome ridiculed Woodbury for her attack, not realizing her true intentions.

        With Woodbury’s power, Clara’s body blazed with warm fire. She gradually returned to her original Human-size and was able to conjure flames as immense as Nome’s. A fireball was suddenly shot at Nome, who had to release Woodbury to dodge the attack. However, the fireball did not fly past them and instead, stopped beside Woodbury. The fire went out and revealed the individual inside — Clara. She held Woodbury in her arms and asked, “Lady Woodbury, are you okay?” “I am fine...take him out first...”

        Woodbury passed out in Clara’s arms from power exhaustion. Clara then softly laid her on the floor before slowly standing up again. Although the toys were severely injured, they gathered around Woodbury and protected her. Clara’s sword lit with blazing flames, but the flames were different from Nome’s flames of anger; Clara’s flames were warm and they burned not to kill, but to protect.

        “You mere toys! With that filth’s power, you really think you can surpass my clan’s enormous lineage power?” Nome said in disdain, but Clara laughed and replied: “Let’s find out!” Their flames heated up, for their divergent purposes...