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        “Your country has abandoned you all.” The little girl said airily.

        “No, it had not! A country would never abandon its soldiers!” Clara denied in disbelief.

        “Your king, your father, and your brothers have all deserted you.” The little girl’s indifferent eyes did not show even the slightest change.

        “I thank you for saving me. But I do not believe that they would do this!” Clara’s voice began to calm.

        “Then let me take you back, and you can see for yourself.” The little girl said with a smile.

        With a wave of her hand, Clara was in the little girl’s arms. Their figures began to fade and in a moment, the two were now in a grand hall. There, Clara saw her father and the king having a conversation with a few officials. No one noticed the girls’ presence and it was as if they had blended with the air.

        “Starre, how long can our frontline hold?” The king asked.

        “Your Majesty, it can only hold on about two more days...” Grand Marshal Starre, Clara’s father, replied.

        “What do we do then, Grand Marshal?” Officials asked nervously.

        “Use frontline soldiers as bait. When enemy soldiers gather in retaliation, we eliminate them with a large-scale magic assault.” Starre replied.

        “What? Wouldn’t our men...” The officials were appalled.

        “When the enemies finish the last of our soldiers, they will need time to catch their breath. Then, we launch direct magic attacks at them!”

        “Starre, is that the only way out?” The king asked sternly.

        “Yes, I am afraid so.” Starre nodded.

        Upon hearing this, Clara was left dumbstruck. She had never thought her father would do this. What was worse, her brothers did not reject his suggestion. Clara cried for the first time, not from pain, but from sadness. The little girl put her on the floor.

        “Do you believe it now?”

        Clara did not answer; she merely sat on her knees like a real toy.

        “I can grant you a wish.”

        “Clara, go and fulfill your wish. After that, come and help me.”

        A black light shot into her. The tiny Clara began to grow and her limbs started to lengthen, before she returned to her original appearance. If not for the mechanical joints on her limbs, she was a true beauty. Clara scanned across her own body, her eyes blazing with rage at the kingdom’s officials...