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        “Sera, at least I…” As the fight between Elves and Humans was about to spark off, Xaar squeezed through the crowd to hold Sera into his arms, urging her to leave at once. His frequent visits to woods of the mist were exposed. Since then, he had been put under house arrest in the seafront kingdom, leaving him helpless in Humans’ counterattack against the Elves. Later on, Xaar managed to find a way out through a secret path in the castle with his vague memories. Then, he headed straight into the woods for Sera…
        Despite the fact that Sera was moved by his sincerity, her determination to wipe out mankind had never faded——Every human deserved to die, except for Xaar. They disdained the Elves; and they never sought to repay kindness and effort into how the Elves pacified the raging sea from tsunami.
        Looking at Sera’s ferocious eyes, Xaar knew she had no intention to retreat. “Everyone listen! Our conflict with the Elves has long gone. Why bother to get into this mess again?” He covered Sera with arms opened.
        However, beclouded by bloodlust, those survivors could not be reasoned. “Xaar has succumbed to the Elves! He’s a traitor,” a survivor yelled.
        “I’m not! Everyone…” Suddenly, a sword was stabbed into his chest; and blood came out of his mouth…
        “Xaar!” Without seeing the attack coming, Sera stepped forward to hold him and kept calling his name. As his consciousness began to lose, he slurred his words weakly. “…”
        “I’m not leaving you.” Holding Xaar into her arms, Sera confronted the armed survivors. “Die, filthy humans.” With a wave, blue butterflies had split into thousands to form a barrier that trapped them from running away. In a panic, the survivors could not feel their legs when they tried to escape. Looking down, they found that their own body was dissolving into a pool of blood, until their vision was brought to endless darkness…

        Soon, the soil of the woods was stained with blood; humid air blew over with the stink of rotten smell.
        Sera did not give a hoot. Since the massacre began, she had been holding Xaar tight and gazing at him.

        “Xaar, now you don’t need to be king anymore. You’re free to go.” Sera reached out to touch his pale face with love and care.

        “What is my feeling for you? Did I just shift my affection for Jarno to you, or I’m truly in love with you...I don’t understand...My heart is bad…”

        Looking around the blood all over the woods, Sera recalled the hatred of the survivors and her own hatred for Jarno. “Hate or being hated...It has been an endless vicious cycle in my life…,” she whispered with a frown.

        As Sera dropped the tears, her body starting radiating azure light, covering herself and Xaar. Witnessing this situation, the Elves tried to talk her down immediately. “Miss Sera! Please, don’t leave us alone.”

        “Sorry, but I’m...truly tired...You deserve a better leader...Good...bye…” Sera’s smile was shrouded in a swarm of blue butterflies. They were like trying to protect the desperate Sera, clinging to her and Xaar’s body. Threads of blue light were spat. Soon, a giant cocoon was formed at the entrance of the forest.

        All the Elves present bowed to mourn. The long-lost hymn of flutes started echoing over the woods...