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        “Monstro! Where have you been?”

        “Monstro! It’s time to go home!”

        Gretchen yelled out to the skies above the fort, calling for the cyborg whale she had built with her own two hands.

        Everything seemed fortuitous, yet predestined...That day, Gretchen, Lisa and Agnesi were modifying the ruins into a fort when Gretchen accidentally dropped Heisenberg’s head onto the ground.

        “Dad!” Gretchen hurriedly picked up Heisenberg’s head. After inspection, she found that a few parts had fallen off from it. Gretchen never thought her carelessness would break such an important possession. She held tight onto the head and searched through her father’s remaining research, looking for a way to fix it.

        Gretchen’s eyes stopped on a cyborg whale’s design diagram. She was stupefied as she had never heard Heisenberg mentioning any research related to this. To fulfill her father’s uncompleted wish, Gretchen decided to build this cyborg whale that her father had kept in his mind for such a long time.

        The manufacturing process was not easy. Unexperienced, Gretchen had no idea where to start. Sometimes she would miss out a screw, while other times, she would assemble the wrong parts...Fortunately, she received help from Lisa and Agnesi and successfully built the whale. The cyborg whale, powered by Ancient Dragon Power, could even swim in the sky. Gretchen even granted it wisdom and consciousness. She named it Combative Whale Monstro.

        “Monstro! If you don’t come out now, I’ll head back on my own!” Gretchen pretended to be angry and yelled.

        At the moment, the silhouette of a whale swam towards Gretchen from the sky. It approached Gretchen and rubbed its head against her face, as if fawning and asking for her forgiveness.

        “I will really leave on my own if this happens again.”

        “Sorry...Gretchen...never again...”

        Gretchen smiled. She knew she would never leave Monstro; and she believed that Monstro would do the same with her. Gretchen and Monstro were each other’s sole family, all each had to rely upon.

        ‘I...with all my might...protect...Gretchen...’ — Combative Whale Monstro