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Combinations are special fusions that are activated with specific monsters during a battle.


  • Combination can be activated when specific monsters exist in the team and must be side by side
  • Monsters must be fully evolved, but can be at any level
  • Each team can only launch one set of combination at a time


  • As long as the Active Skills of both monsters can be launched or have been launched, Combination can be initiated
  • Tap any monster to choose between normal active skill and partner-skill "Combination"
  • Original monsters will be replaced by a new monster with increased HP, attack and new skills
  • After combining, a secondary effect will happen (see below for details)
  • When an attack is launched by a combined Monster, an extra attack worth 10% of the original will be launched, except for The Eve of Ragnarok - Fenrir who will launch an extra dark attack of 50%
  • Since Version 7.5, the Amelioration Skill to combined characters was added. Amelioration level will be the same as the level of the characters before initiating combination
  • If there are multiple Monsters in the team eligible for combination with a Monster, the game will only consider the first eligible Monsters to the left of the Monster attempting to activate combination.



★5 Golems can fuse with Melogs of the same attribute to form Combatants

2nd Effect: HP will be fully recovered

148i.png EvoPlus.png 661i.png EvoArrow.png 666c.png

151i.png EvoPlus.png 662i.png EvoArrow.png 667c.png
154i.png EvoPlus.png 663i.png EvoArrow.png 668c.png
157i.png EvoPlus.png 664i.png EvoArrow.png 669c.png
160i.png EvoPlus.png 665i.png EvoArrow.png 670c.png

★6 Cyborg Scholars can fuse with Cyborgs' Companion of the same attribute to form Conjoined Cyborgs

2nd Effect: HP will be fully recovered

597i.png EvoPlus.png 651i.png EvoArrow.png 656c.png

599i.png EvoPlus.png 652i.png EvoArrow.png 657c.png
601i.png EvoPlus.png 653i.png EvoArrow.png 658c.png
603i.png EvoPlus.png 654i.png EvoArrow.png 659c.png
605i.png EvoPlus.png 655i.png EvoArrow.png 660c.png

All 4★ Metallic Beasts can fuse together to form Metazord

2nd Effect: HP will be fully recovered upon combination. Attacks launched by Metazord must be Full Attacks.

163i.png EvoPlus.png 166i.png EvoPlus.png 169i.png EvoPlus.png 172i.png EvoPlus.png 175i.png EvoArrow.png 620c.png
★6 Immortal Heroes can fuse with Minds of the Fray to unleash their fury

2nd Effect: In the first round after combination, Attack of the extra Attack will be x1.5

389i.png EvoPlus.png 716i.png EvoArrow.png 721c.png

391i.png EvoPlus.png 717i.png EvoArrow.png 722c.png
393i.png EvoPlus.png 718i.png EvoArrow.png 723c.png
395i.png EvoPlus.png 719i.png EvoArrow.png 724c.png
397i.png EvoPlus.png 720i.png EvoArrow.png 725c.png

Angeloids the Missing Feathers can fuse with Wings of Galaxies - Metatron to form a Wing of Convenant

2nd Effect: HP will be fully recovered

956i.png EvoPlus.png 976i.png EvoArrow.png 961c.png

957i.png EvoPlus.png 976i.png EvoArrow.png 962c.png
958i.png EvoPlus.png 976i.png EvoArrow.png 963c.png
959i.png EvoPlus.png 976i.png EvoArrow.png 964c.png
960i.png EvoPlus.png 976i.png EvoArrow.png 965c.png

The Antlers can fuse with The Red Noses

2nd Effect: HP will be fully recovered

1306i.png EvoPlus.png 1307i.png EvoArrow.png 1308c.png
Solar Destroyer Sirius can fuse with Lunar Destroyer Sirius

2nd Effect: HP will be fully recovered and the Craft Apparatus will be fully charged. After Combination, the extra attack to be launched each Round will be a 50% Dark attack.

703i.png EvoPlus.png 704i.png EvoArrow.png 1522c.png
Splash Surfer - Beta can fuse with Blitz Striker - Alpha

2nd Effect: Fuel of Machinas +20%

1720i.png EvoPlus.png 1723i.png EvoArrow.png 1725c.png
All 5★ Creations of Wonderland can fuse together to form Total Annihilation - Robotron

2nd Effect: HP will be fully recovered

1878i.png EvoPlus.png 1879i.png EvoPlus.png 1880i.png EvoArrow.png 1881c.png