From the Corridor to Heaven’s illusion, you have discovered the Gods’ scheme, and you have been unable to calm yourself. Anxiousness, uncertainty, and anger all stirs inside you. You are unsure how exactly to face this truth; yet, you do know that only Yog-Sothoth, who is hiding inside the Holy City of Nibiru, will be able to provide the answers you seek. In order to break the seal on the door leading to the Holy City, you wander around every floor, collecting Regalias; but though the door is now opened, the haze inside you has not disappeared. Chaos still reigned supreme within your mind.

        “Summoner, even if the Gods are different from your initial beliefs, your task remains unchanged, right?” Glauox can always give you clarity when you need it. Correct! Even if your number of enemies have increased, the fact that you have to rescue the realm stays the same! You ready yourself emotionally, then take out the Seal Cards prepare for battle, and enter the Holy City of Nibiru.

        The battle has already raged for a few rounds. Yet, some of the runestones are still concealed by Yog-Sothoth’s power, hindering you from arranging the elements. Moreover, you know that Yog-Sothoth’s next attack will be more powerful than before. You will have to finish her before this happens. At this exact moment, you have finally amassed sufficient elemental for the heroic spirits. The heroic spirits of ancestral beings beamed out with their Gift from Heaven, the elemental power from which slashed as a blade. This attack resonates with the light of a Zodiac Court, with its power shared by all the heroic spirits. The blasts discharges at its full strength...

        Bathing in the power of the Holy Light, victory arrives, and the weakened Yog-Sothoth collapses before you. Patience thin, Glauox rushed forward to determine the motivations for the illusions she created, but her answers further confirm the accuracy of the stories that the illusions have told.

        “Now that your Gods have been unmasked, and their true natures revealed, will you still worship them?” Yog-Sothoth smiles, “The mere thought of their frustration replaces my depression with jubilance!”

        “But remember, mortal...” Yog-Sothoth looks at you unfathomably, “this is just the beginning...”

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