Shops closed before the sky went completely dark. On a lonely street, Copper Bullet’s figure stood out like a sore thumb. He was wearing a black velvet cloak which reflected the last ray of day’s light. Copper Bullet searched around for open shops and luckily found a grocery store that was only preparing to close. However, when the shop owner saw Copper Bullet, he hurriedly packed up the boxes of goods, as if he had no intention of waiting for Copper Bullet.

        “Wait...!” Copper Bullet slid his foot between the closing door and the doorframe: “Don’t close yet! I want to buy something!” The shop owner only looked terrified and kept murmuring “Spare me, spare me...” He tried to close the door by force but the customer’s foot did not budge; the door was not getting any closer to its frame.

        “I will spare you, only if you let me buy food of course. My pet gets troublesome when it’s hungry...” Copper Bullet’s warm smile and decent clothing lowered the shop owner’s guard. The shop owner wanted to let him in when noises suddenly came from behind Copper Bullet, terrifying the shop owner. He hurriedly took a rake by the door and stabbed Copper Bullet’s lower leg, forcing him to scream and retrieve his leg in pain.

        “What a sudden change of attitude!” Before Copper Bullet could finish his sentence, the shop owner had already slammed the door shut, leaving only Copper Bullet and a group of people behind him.

        “Oh, what a surprise! Someone stayed and waited for us like a sitting duck.” The leader of the group was a short and skinny man who slyly smiled at Copper Bullet. Behind him stood five well-built men carrying a scimitar, a rope and a number of torturing tools with them. Everyone was glaring at Copper Bullet.

        “What? You sell food too?” Copper Bullet remained calm. He had no intention to flee and instead, sat down in front of them and ,with his hand on his chin, said: “What kind of food do you recommend? Let me see it.” Seeing Copper Bullet’s arrogance, the short man let out his anger and shouted, “Kid! This is my turf. If you want to buy something, first pay up!” With a wave of his hand, the well-built men circled around Copper Bullet.

        Copper Bullet smirked and bounced up while he swung away his cloak, revealing a gilded bird cage on his waist, within which was a single-legged dove. Upon seeing the bird cage, the short man was in complete shock: “Golden bird cage...You’re the famous HUNTER?” Copper Bullet dashed close to the well-built men and pushed his hands forward, shoving two of them twenty feet away. He then grabbed the short man who was panicking and smiled: “That would be me.” Seeing their leader getting humiliated, the strong men all charged at Copper Bullet and slashed down their scimitars. Copper Bullet tossed the short man toward the incoming attacks which forced the men to withdraw their slashes. Then, unable to react fast enough, the men failed to dodge their flying leader. This gave Copper Bullet a chance to deliver four consecutive blows, each kick landing right on the men's abdomens, causing them to scream in pain as if they had been smashed by bricks.

        “Why don’t you just open a store and sell food? Look at you people, you think you’re suitable for the business you’re in?” Copper Bullet leisurely picked up the rope away from the men and tied them and their leader up. Meanwhile, a bump could be seen moving under the black cloak LIGHT had left in front of the shop. A tiny qilin, a creature with a dragon’s head and a horse’s body, stuck its head out of the cloak. Seeing that Copper Bullet was focusing on subduing the bandits, it bellowed at Copper Bullet with a voice that did not suit its tiny appearance: ‘You’re doing meaningless things again! Have you finished what I’ve told you to do?’ However, Copper Bullet did not reply, so Qilin approached Copper Bullet and put a hoof on one of the men’s face as it coldly smiled: ‘Let’s put aside the fact that you always take trivial missions. This time you’re helping the weak without getting paid! How noble of you!’

        Initially, Copper Bullet was busy tying up the short man, but when he heard Qilin’s sarcastic mockery, he could not suppress his anger any longer. He put down the rope and took out a bounty list from his sleeve before carefully reading it. “Ha! This is the guy!” He showed Qilin the list: “The guy in this picture is this short man, isn’t it? He’s worth tens of thousands of coins! We were lucky!” However, Qilin only replied, “You’re satisfied with that tiny amount of money? Hm, maybe it’s because your usual missions are only worth a dozen of gold coins!” Copper Bullet did not back off and argued: “Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘many a little makes a mickle’? I’m in every way better than someone who only knows how to eat money and does not even help...Hm?” Copper Bullet suddenly stopped and looked around: “Where’s the shorty?”

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