“If it weren’t for you, I would have tied them all up!” ‘Blame yourself for that. I only criticized you a little. You were the one who let him get away.’ With the help of the townspeople’s instructions, Copper Bullet headed straight toward the short man’s base at an incredible pace. Although the night was dark, Copper Bullet used Qilin’s illuminating scales and proceeded with no trouble. However, they were still arguing, their noise reverberating throughout the silent forest.

        The forest was enormous, but Copper Bullet was able to track the short man’s footprints and followed trodden leaves on the ground, which all led him to a cave. “Could this be his base?” Copper Bullet whispered before entering the cave with Qilin. He told Qilin to light up the cave, but the beast spat: ‘There is nothing here, genius.’ Qilin laid down in objection, but felt something cold against its belly. It was not until then did it notice something wriggling below them — it was a gigantic serpent and it bounced to attack them!

        After a short while, two figures came out from the cave. One was walking, while the other was slowly sliding. ‘So the short guy knew you were in the cave and he intentionally lured us into it so you would attack us, huh?’ Qilin sat on the serpent, confidence visible on its face. The serpent replied with a series of hisses, which Qilin nodded in response: ‘You’re right! He never could have guessed that all the animals in the realm are my friends!’ Unlike the arrogant Qilin, Copper Bullet could only walk beside it with a helpless expression. After departing with the gigantic serpent, Qilin turned to look at Copper Bullet: ‘Being a HUNTER doesn’t only mean being skillful at fighting, you also have to be good at communicating. Get it?’ However, Copper Bullet thought to himself: ‘How am I supposed to talk to a snake...?’

        At the cave’s exit, Copper Bullet paced back and forth, pondering over how to track down the short man. Qilin, on the other hand, sniffed the surroundings while murmuring, “This is a familiar smell...It doesn’t belong in the forest...” Walking behind a tree, Qilin suddenly stopped and yelled, “That’s the smell of money! Hey! There’s no need to sniff around like a dog. The ugly shorty went in that direction!” With that said, it dashed away. Copper Bullet hurriedly followed behind it. Although Qilin often argued with him, he knew in his heart that he still relied on it, so he always trusted Qilin and never doubted its decisions.

        Just as they had expected, gold coins scattered around their path, on which Qilin ate one after another, giving it more strength to run faster, as if forgetting its initial aim. Copper Bullet finally caught up with Qilin. The two of them ran together for a while when they stepped on something strange and a gigantic net emerged from the ground and hung them on a tree ten feet off the ground.

        “Haha! This is a so-called HUNTER? I can subdue you with just this little trick.” The short man appeared from behind a tree with a bag of gold coins in his left hand and a spear in his right. He took a big step and thrusted his spear toward Copper Bullet, but he did not care about the attack and instead, held his hand against his chin.

        “Still being arrogant even before you die, huh?” Irritated by Copper Bullet’s arrogance, the short man forcefully threw his spear upward, but Copper Bullet only smiled and pulled a scale off of Qilin’s body. Along with the beast’s cry of pain, its body enlarged and instantly broke the net, causing the short man to hastily run in fear, but was caught by Copper Bullet who had broken free.

        “Dare run again? You better kneel before the mythological be...” Before Copper Bullet could finish his sentence, Qilin gave him a hard hit to the head, causing Copper Bullet to release the short man because of the pain. Qilin then angrily yelled, “You really like to do that, huh? If you use my power like that again, you are dead to me! ” However, Copper Bullet paid no attention to it and instead, dashed toward the short man, but was blocked by Qilin’s body. “Hey! Stay out of...” Just then, Qilin lashed its tail toward the short man and wrapped him with it. The wrap was so tight that the man had to breathe heavily for air. Seeing this, Copper Bullet gladly cheered, “The hide-and-seek is over now!”

        “Here, for your troubles. Accidentally running into a group of infamous wanted men...what a lucky guy!” The spokesperson of Hunterville said with a bright smile. It was not until Copper Bullet caught the short man and his men did he realize that they were criminals with a bounty over ten thousand gold coins, so he immediately sent the news back to the base by using a dove as he traveled back for the bounty.

        “You know what they say? Virtue brings a fortune! This bag of coins is extremely heavy! We can probably live on this for half a year!” Happiness was visible both in Copper Bullet’s eyes and his smile, but the tiny Qilin mocked him: “Humph. I captured the short man. Half of that bag should be mine!” With that said, it dived into the bag and started stuffing its face. Copper Bullet immediately reached his hand into the bag to pull Qilin out, but the mythological beast bit him. In the blink of an eye, the bag was left with only a few coins, rendering Copper Bullet sad. He helplessly asked the spokesperson again, “Em...I’m poor again. Any chance you can give me a nice mission?”

        The spokesperson of Hunterville burst into laughter: “Raising a qilin can really consume a fortune! You did a good job last time and I happen to have this nice job...” He said while pushing a note on the desk toward Copper Bullet. After reading through it, he thought, “It’s not difficult and it comes with such a high reward?!” Therefore, he accepted this new mission, but Qilin only shook its head and sighed, disdain obvious on its expression: ‘It must be a difficult mission with a low pay again...’

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