Copperfield and other cats infiltrated tycoon Cullinan’s mansion to rescue Ali Baba from abduction. Against all expectations, some of them triggered a trap right when they went in, falling into a deep hole. Before their leader Mellow fell, she ordered Copperfield and the rest of the crew to continue searching for Ali Baba’s whereabouts.

        Led by Tim, they made it to a suspension bridge that complicated like a maze. It was the only way linking to Cullinan’s main building and annex.

        With Tim’s thorough analysis, the cats successfully found the way out, but Tim noticed something wrong. “Copperfield, Wimpy...Wait, where are Plumpy and Fist? They’re gone! How come?”

        But the time limit didn’t allow them to think it over as there were several fierce hounds running across the bridge towards them with speed.

        In time of emergency, Copperfield did a magic trick to throw a few balls at the hounds; by the time the balls hit them, smoke was produced upon ignition, and their savage faces had immediately turned into charming pink.

        “Your loyalty impresses me. By the way, you look fit with this new pink, pubs,” Copperfield taunted them.

        Provoked by his cockiness, the hounds were in a fury, pouncing on Copperfield instantly, which made Tim and Wimpy scream out in terror. Just as they bit, Copperfield was turned into a wood.

        “See? Not even a scratch. Don’t you know it’s my magic trick?” Then, he made use of the spare time to hide the pals and himself with a giant cloth.

        Fooled by his magic, the hounds were furious, sniffing around the bridge to track them down. Wimpy, pigeon-toed, trembled with fear and said, “They-they’ll tear us into pieces if they find us, right?”

        “No worries. I’ve got a plan,” Copperfield came up with something after glancing at a wall lamp.

        Copperfield took out a special paper and folded a lively lion. He raised it in front of the lamp to cast a shadow on the cloth, as if a real lion roared with fury.

        Copperfield kept moving the paper lion so as to scare the hounds off. Caught unprepared, they all whimpered like a doggy, which totally did not match their looks.

        Looking at the fleeing hounds, Copperfield burst into laughter. “Haha, stupid dogs. They actually believed a lion in the mansion!”

        Suddenly, clank of chains came into their ears. Copperfield and Tim looked around in doubts; a gate was rising slowly from the floor.

        “What have you done, Wimpy?” Copperfield asked as he saw him holding something.

        “I, I’m sorry...I saw a lock there. I couldn’t help myself…” Wimpy clamped his hands over 10 metal rods in different sizes.

        “Tut! I’m so sick of you lockpicking fanatic!”

        Tens of seconds later, the second gate rose, but the speed was significantly faster. “Run if you don’t want to be crushed!” Copperfield said.

        Gates rose one by one with the accelerating speed, as if they were trying to split the place into honeycomb-like grids. The cats continued running while avoiding the gates. Unfortunately, Wimpy was tripped by his pigeon-toed pose, diving on the floor.

        “Ahh...the gate!” the panicked Wimpy shouted.

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