A light breeze gently kissed Sakura, the floral-elf laying on the bed, but she didn’t wake up. Instead, she breathed steadily and remained in her deep sleep.

        Geek——The door was opened, and a charming elf Cornflower walked in. He then put a handful of beautiful shells on a table, where all kinds of stuff were placed on it. Those were scavenged by Cornflower.

        “Sakura, the weather is so nice today. If you see the azure sky, I bet you’ll run straight to the hill and play the swing.”

        While Cornflower was talking, he reached to groom Sakura’s messy hair. He stroked her cheek to feel the familiar warmth, for this was the only way to make sure she was still with him.

        Cornflower and Sakura had been knowing each other for a whole life. The two childhood sweethearts then engaged. To earn the best for her, Cornflower was active in politics and competed for the throne, even if he was the youngest prince.

        “It’s all my fault. If I hadn’t put my mind in the politics and ignored you, you wouldn’t have…” Cornflower held Sakura’s hand tighter and continued, “but don’t worry. I ain’t going anywhere now.”

        Knock knock——The sound brought Cornflower back to reality. Looking up, he found his best friend May Lily standing at the doorstep. Because of so, May Lily attitude towards Cornflower wasn’t formal like any other guards.

        “Your highness, the Century Feast board meeting is about to start. I’m here to pick you up.”

        “Didn’t I say that I’m not going?”

        “It’s our tradition. As the third prince you must be there.”

        “But I——”

        “Your absence will only break your father’s heart and embarrass him in front of the ministers.”

        “Ugh, he always gets my soft spot,” Cornflower thought as he heaved a sigh. He eventually compromised and said, “alright. I’ll go.”

        May Lily helped Cornflower get dressed. By the time the two of them arrived, all the other elves had already seated, looking at them.

        Hyacinth the eldest prince threw the sarcasm at them before they could get seated. “Whoa, look who’s here finally, my brother.”

        “Sorry brother. I lost track of time when I was visiting Sakura.”

        Hyacinth was not pleased by Cornflower’s calm attitude. Provoked, he stopped talking and emptied his glass. Strelitzia the second princess sitting next to Cornflower, asked worriedly, “is Sakura still in coma?”

        Cornflower shook his head in sorrow.

        “Don’t worry, brother. I’ve sent elves to find the rare herbs. The cure will be made soon.”

        “Thanks, sister.”

        “You’re welcome. Sakura is my...dearest sister. It’s no big deal.”

        The conversation was followed by a music. As the music was played, Welwitschia the king walked slowly to the throne at the center, with the assistance of servant.

        “Thanks for coming, everyone. Shall we start the meeting now,” Welwitschia announced in a slow but majestic pace.

        “First of all, I’d like to announce my decision regarding the host of the Century Feast.”

        Welwitschia’s words created a buzz shortly, for being the host of the Century Feast was equivalent to the heir to the throne. When Hyacinth and Strelitzia were unsettling about it, Cornflower was completely indifferent to the issue.

        “Elf like me doesn’t deserve the crown at all. Father must feel the same,” Cornflower thought.

        “Cornflower will be the host of the Century Feast.”

        “WHAT?” Hyacinth yelled agitatedly, “brother can’t handle this! He will embarrass the whole royal family!”

        “With all due respect, father, I don’t think brother is an appropriate choice. He hasn’t been participating in politics lately. The ministers will not buy this decision,” Strelitzia tried to talk Welwitschia out.

        “My decision has been made.”

        “Father, please allow me to refuse the duty,” said Cornflower, looking Welwitschia in the eyes. Broken-hearted by his gaze, Welwitschia asked, “is it what you desire?”


        “...Alright. The host of the Century Feast will be put on hold. We shall move on to the details of the feast.”

        Welwitschia made the call and ignored the objections from the elves present. Later in the meeting, all the details of the feast were settled except the host.

        “This is good. All I want is staying with Sakura,” Cornflower told himself, but it was the paperwork of the Century Feast in his hand…

        Just when Cornflower thought his life had regressed to normal, Welwitschia went into coma because of being poisoned. He came to the bedroom of Welwitschia together with May Lily, where the frowning Hyacinth and the worried Strelitzia were inside.

        The pale Welwitschia reminded Cornflower of Sakura, giving him a heartache. As he held Welwitschia’s withering hand, fury was lit up in his eyes.

        “Who would do this to father after everything he did for the country? I don’t care who that is. I’ll find out who did this!”

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